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Instilling Goodness Elementary & Developing Virtue Secondary Schools Reviews

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Students learn a lot about the type of people they are and the environment really helps shape students into the independent individuals they will become in the future. The academics are overall pretty well organized; some are challenging and some are more relaxing.
It's a small private school. The teachers are very nice and there is very good vegetarian meal served every day
I went to Developing Virtue Girls School 7th through 12th grade and in my honest opinion, I feel that there is a mix of good and bad. When my parents decided to send me to DVGS, they thought I would be getting the best education in the best environment, but I came to realize it was not difficult enough. I breezed through the homework load in junior high. It could have been because I was a stellar student before transferring (in 4th grade standardized assessments indicated I had the reading level of an 8th grader).
But then when I reached high school, I was academically unprepared for a lot of the standardized test. I had to work 3 times as hard to manage my grades and it got to the point where I just thought I was dumb. It took me a while to get back into my rhythm with a lot of help. Teachers at my school are certainly not the best at teaching, but they do have a lot of compassion and helped me through my problems with patience.
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Values academics, not much athletics. Half of high school is international students. Almost all high school students live in dorm. Strong math department. Very close-knit and you can have a lot of one-to-one time with the teacher if you want. Limited course selection; only AP courses available for some subjects in Junior/Senior year (no normal/honors courses) and very few electives (only for PE). Heavy homework load for some classes. Students often stressed and low-energy. School spirit low. However, majority of students are really nice and friendly, and you can make friends from many countries in Asia, such as China, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Vietnam. Living in the dorm helps expand social and life skills and strengthens friendships.
Focused on individual students and I had an excellent ethical and academic development of myself. The Californian weather is difficult to adapt since there is a large difference in temperature throughout the day, and the buildings are old, but the school equipment and dorms are excellent and up to date.
It is the place to go to build character and tolerance. We focus on virtue and morality but there is also a strong focus on character. You can also come here to learn a second language since Chinese is often used here.

The academics could be stronger but the teachers here are like no where else. They inspire you and help you reach your fullest potential as you come to class excited.
A good school for those that want to walk the extra mile to get ahead in school. Good boarding school for those from overseas.
My experience is that it is in a great environment, especially with nature. The students are able to focus on their studies.
However, there are many limitations with what the students are able to do at their time in school which limits their experience with the outside world. Because of this, I believe that the school does not really prepare the students for the world outside of the gates because of the isolation.
We learn a lot here honestly, but I feel that we also have to sacrifice a lot. For example, none of the clubs are taken very seriously here are not too fond of us joining them (no more than two or three for high schoolers, and for the junior high students, none) for the fear that we might lose our academic focus. Academics are the most important things here; if you don't do well, you pretty much are restricted from extracurricular. And since the standards are set very high, most students develop study skills. Although not always successful, teachers and staff members try their best to prepare us for APs and college (there's a lack of resources).
Most teachers are friendly and are almost always there to answer you questions. Some are intimidating but they are helpful at heart and only want the best for you. All the teachers here want you to succeed.
This school is unable to sustain the needs of its students. The AP Course teachers are not capable for teaching in general, let alone an AP course, thus most AP courses are self taught through prep books rather than the outdated textbooks, producing scores of mostly 2's and 3's.
If you have a sane mind and not poor you should not choose to come here.
Not the best school in California but it has decent amount of underpaid staff to "teach" 80% of the materials taught in class are self studied. There are times when the lack of resources are really a drag to student's growth.
I personally believe that every school contain some students that are rigorous in studies while some drift apart half-way. However, my school has a really small percentage of participants who do get involved in gang our skips school.
Our school has a lot of potential players however despite of the fact that students are eager to learn, the school lacks some facilities to fulfill students' need.
I have gone through various difficulties to adapt to such an unique environment. Moreover, I've also made many life-long friends throughout the process. The staff members and student association body work together to serve this community, therefore I had a great time while I was at that school.
My school was unique in a way that it's a buddhist school, each one of us learn to discover our own identity while we were at school. Teachers and advisors provide great services to help students develop skills that are necessary to apply when we enter college and work place.
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