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Inspired Vision Academy Middle School Reviews

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Inspired Vision's diversity of teachers is great. No matter how low a student is with grades, the teachers can always make them see themselves in the future as a successful person in life. They are always looking out for the students who aren't doing so well in class. The school is small so the teachers have more time with each student to make sure they are all on the same page and understand the learning. Student don't stay behind, they are also engaged in school spirit, in sports and in the extra curricular events. The counselors are very understanding and go way out to help the students emotionally and academically. Our school has a program with Eastfield College where sophomores to seniors can take the basic courses in a college level. I am part of that group, gives me the experience of a college student and the classes are not that hard, you just need to focus. Safety is also another thing I like. We feel safe and that is the best thing any school can have.
My experience in Inspired Vision was good for anyone who enjoy learning in a small environment this is the school for you. In all honesty Inspired Vision is a good school with good teacher and nice people to meet. Yes the school is small but is size really important than a good education?
What i like about Inspired Vision Secondary is how concerned the school is to prepare you to college from the seventh grade all the way to senior year. The school has very good teachers that give you a glance of college life. Giving us more classes to choose from, for example I want to go to the Medical Field I submitted what i wanted to do when i graduate and the school provided me in the basic medical classes. Medical Terminology, Anatomy are the classes that they provided me. There is many career classes to choose from for instance engineering or going to a math major. Inspired Vision Secondary is an amazing school to get kids ready for college.
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I've been going to Inspired Vision since 6th grade and I never thought about leaving them. You get to know everybody and make close connections. Lots of great teachers and I'm happy with everything I learned there.
It is a small school, with small classrooms, so that means that teachers will pay more attention towards their students. Students feel comfortable, everyone knows each other, so there is no chance of bullying without a staff member figuring out first. Great school.
Awsome, chemistry , science , math competitions, band, volunteering clubs
Everyone can apply to many extracurricular activities
School provides all the opportunities for all students to enter to many clubs, field trips, and many programs.
Teachers are very concentrated, determined and are willing to reach the goal in order for the student to achieve in the future. The grades of every student is 90 and above.
I believe that our school tries their best to protect us. Our safety is very important to our school community.
I am only involved in the Student Council and the BFF Club. However, neither do teachers, or students put in a lot of effort or time into the activities.
I believe that if all students would join to all activities then we could have an expansion of clubs and activities.However, not all students find it interesting to be involve in clubs or in sports.
The teachers I have are very helpful. If i ask them for help and they are willing to put in extra time. Also, we are giving a laptop which allow us to have the opportunity to do our own work or any other things we have to get done.
It is a fun and amazing school to go to. The students may act "ghetto" we have the best student and the best teachers, who have the best intention for us. Everything is fantastic honestly.
I have had a great time in inspired vision. I was able to meet new people and learn more than public schools in my area. The staff cares about everyone.
The teachers at inspired vision are great teachers devoting their time to helping student with the concepts and explaining every detail. Each teacher has their own unique teaching style that are understandable and reliable. The teachers are open minded and intelligent.
I really love this school because it is small everyone feels like famaly because it has grades from middle to high and most of the people im going to graduate whith , i have known them since 6th grade.
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