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Inspired Vision Academy Elementary School Reviews

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The school was great until the principal left. Parents, staff and students miss her. The new principal does not know much and does not seem to care the way Dr. King does. We want Dr. King back!!! I have 4 kids that have attended this school. I may take my little one out next year unless things get better.
what makes this school unique is that teachers are friendly and each class theres something they joke on and every teacher is inspirational. i would choose this school again by how every teacher wants their students to achieve every goal.
Health programs and resources are available. The security measures are very strictly secured. Theres also school nurse and also its very secure in all buildings and always we prepare ourselves in doing the tornado, and fire test which everyone does it and no one is left out.
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There's math club in order to learn more, there's also basketball game, football games, colorguard competition, and also cheerleading everyone have fun in their extracurricular opportunities in school.
The helpfulness and involvement are highly of the principal. The principal wants all students to learn everything in school and have good grades. I should say this principal have done her job excellent in helping students. the office staff are consider to attend everyone , as well the guidance of the counselors. The dress code is very strictly according to the policies.
The air condition is pretty good, the building and facilities are excellent, the technology is advanced also, the counselors are really respectful and are willing to help too. Also they have tutoring for if you need help but every teacher in here are friendly and are willing to help the students for their future.
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