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INSPIRE, the Idaho Connections Academy Reviews

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Inspire, an online school, is very good at taking care of the welfare of its children and is good at preparing its seniors for college. It has clubs and field trips like a normal school with the benefit of being able to take classes in your pajamas. Things in the LiveLessons can get chaotic, but it's the same as in a traditional classroom with loud students. I think that Connections is a great alternative to traditional schooling if your student isn't doing well, lives an unreasonable distance from school, or travels often.
Inspire helped me grow as a person and was a wonderful school to be a part of. The teachers were wonderful and nice to work with. The curriculum the school uses is good for any grade. I'm happy to be a part of this school.
The teachers at this school are very understanding and are willing to help with anything. The counselors are also very understanding and willing to work around any health issues. I had some test anxiety and they let me take a test by myself. I would recommend this school to anyone who was looking for an online school.
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I liked how involved the teachers were, and I liked the creative outlook on learning. Something I would change about it is more hands on learning.
The teachers are awesome. My daughter loves that she can work ahead when she wants. The interaction in the live lessons complement the school work.
Inspire is a great online school for students primarily interested in academics. The teachers are always helpful and make an effort to keep in touch about scholarships, summer activities etc.
I love this school. . . , . .
Other online schools send you a lot of materials, books, items for labs, materials for art or music classes, however you were lucky to even get a physical textbook.
They do have clubs if you want to participate in those, but I never have time, so I've never done one.
This school is great, because it's online and has a flexible schedule. They have field trips, so those are great ways to make new friends and meet teachers. The teachers are friendly and help you with things that you might be struggling with. They've got LiveLesson sessions each week, which are like virtual classrooms. Since I want to be a writer, this school has helped me improve my writing skills a lot. I've learned other skills, such as career skills, that will be useful later on, as well.
The teachers at this school are very respectful of student ideas and opinions. They like to hear what we have to say about different topics. They are friendly and encouraging. Some of them are tough, but I think that might be what we need for when we leave high school.
It was my first experience with an online school and everything was very clear and user friendly.
I didn't require very much teacher interaction. They were helpful when I had questions.
I know that there were extracurricular activities, but I never felt included. It's hard to bond through an online school.
I needed a flexible school schedule and my school provided me with just that. I do feel that I gave up a lot of experiences in order to gain that flexibility.
It was an online high school so the only real interaction that I had with my teachers was email or the occasional phone call when I had questions. They didn't play a major role in my education.
It would be nice to have satellite tutoring centers for those farther away from the school to visit and receive in person tutoring. My favorite and most memorable high school years were spent at Inspire Virtual Charter school. I was well prepared for college unlike many other college freshmen from public schools.
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The school has tons of great teachers who are willing to help and want you to excel! The coursework is well built and organized. I love my school!
Great teachers, great resources. The best school I've ever attended.
The teachers never seem to be there. Some of them hold lessons every week, but others don't, so we never see some of them. There are so few teachers, that I don't think they can efficiently handle the number of classes and students they deal with. I don't think any teacher should be teaching more than 2 subjects.
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