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Inspire School of Arts and Sciences is a wonderful school. The teachers are very nice and always finds new ways to help and support their students. Most students are very welcoming. The downside is that the school is currently made up of portables and do not have their own campus. However as soon as they raise enough money they will create an entire new campus!
Inspire is, in all literal aspects, a small bunch of portables that shares a campus with Chico High. However, with teachers and administration who honestly want their students to shape the type of culture at our school, what more could you ask for?

Well, actually, there's quite a bit you could ask for. An actual campus, for starters-- followed by the equipment this school deserves. But, as with most schools this size-- the funding isn't necessarily all there yet...but with time, I truly believe this could become a five-star school!
The community is welcoming and the teachers go above and beyond to help you succeed. The block schedule helps students have more time to explore their interests while still mainitaning good grades.
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love the science and engineering programs, great, supportive staff who work closely with you to let you thrive.
Over all I had I good experience with inspire. The culture was not the most supportive of everyone. If you have different views from the rest of the school then expect some push back. People are nice for the most part. I just did not feel as expected for who I was as I was led to believe I would. Pretty good education especially if you find your passion lines up with one of the school majors. I found myself really involved in live production when I originally went to inspire for engineering. I really enjoyed finding my passion. This has led to a complete turn around in my career path. In the fall of 2018 I will be attending Grand Canyon University to get my BA in worship arts with emphasis in production and media ministry. If it wasn't for the teachers pushing me to persue my passion I would have never ended up where I am.
Inspire School of Arts and Sciences offers a welcoming community, creative electives, and a platform to grow in creativity and talent.
I consider Inspire School of Arts and Sciences as a second home for me as well as a family. It is a college prep school and might be harder than average high schools, but the culture and people you meet is what makes the learning easy and fun. Inspire works hard to prepare me for college and allows eight classes, we rotate between A and B days with eighty-minute class periods. We offer dance classes and we have the only orchestra in the district. Our overall GPA's are higher than average high schools and we offer more extracurricular activities and many clubs. Our Staff works hard and I get so much support from my school. We may be small at the moment, but we have more diversity and openness with our students that we are defined by it. We also have a thirty-minute class of advisory to connect with our teachers and other students and I consider my advisory piers and my teacher as a family and so does the school. Inspire School of Arts and Sciences is more than a school to me.
I graduated from Inspire in 2016. I loved it. I transferred into Inspire in my Junior year, and in my senior year I was in the College Connections program through Inspire, which was fantastic, I loved all of my teachers. The campus could be better, but that's not what's important. They had great programs and staff and all the students have a strong sense of pride in the school.
An amazing school for those who are not sure what they want to focus on, and for those who already know what they want to do. There is 8 classes compared to the usual 6 classes offered, this allows a student to explore different subjects or focus and expand on one.
Inspire is such a wonderful school and wonderful community. I had a great time there and met so many amazing people.
Inspire gave me an education that makes me glad I went there. This school has some of the most dedicated teachers I've ever had, because there is a draw for teachers who are passionate about their subjects. The extracurriculars made my time at Inspire great, because they gave me both skills and a space to use them, and shaped me into a better person. I had my difficulties with administration, and how the school chooses to spend its money, but all in all, it was a good place to go.
Inspire is a good school, based on some great ideals and visions. It has a very family environment where everyone is accepted and everyone tries their best not to judge. There's a great selection of arts, theatre, music and science classes. The teachers are all great and love to be there. It is also a college prep school and some classes can transfer college credits. Only downside is there are no sports teams, but you can play on the neighboring schools team.
My overall experience has been GREAT! I have made a ton of friends, the people here are very friendly and great to have around. The teachers here are great and really supportive of everything. they are easily accessible. The theatre program here provides amazing opportunities that wouldn't come from any other high school.
Inspire is amazing. We are just a small set of portables behind another high school, but we have so much to offer. We are a very tight-knit community, with 450 students and amazing teachers to genuinely care about our futures and aspirations. We have tons of different major options, including Visual and Performing Arts, Recording Arts, Dance, Instrumental and Vocal Music, Computer Programming, Engineering, Robotics, Humanities and more! We have students and teachers from all walks of life, backgrounds, gender, race, sexuality and religions! Our school is devoted to helping the students become ready for college and university, and also provide an accepting, caring atmosphere where the students can be themselves. Inspire is overall and amazing school, with excellent test scores and many awards, and should be given better facilities, i.e. a new campus, and we definitely need our own cafeteria with healthy, delicious food!
I like almost everything about the school however there can be a lot of drama sometimes, but if you are ok with that than you can probably find a home here.
I feel that most of the teachers that have been hired to work at Inspire have been well qualified and invested in their subjects. Recently, quite a few of the teachers have switched to a teaching model that puts more emphasis on knowing the content versus doing busy work. The workload you receive highly depends on the classes you take and their difficulty. During the worst parts of the year the workload can get extremely stressful. Since Inspire student schedules offer eight possible classes, there can be difficulty in getting the electives you desire when you also have signed up for ap classes. Nonetheless, I have never felt that there was no interesting elective I could take instead if my original schedule didn't work out.
Inspire has been a very accepting school from my experiences. Numerous students are friendly and accepting. Surprisingly, since it is a high school, Inspire doesn't problems with cliches or popularity. There are students who are widely known for their involvement in leadership positions, preforming, and contributing to the school but they aren't more popular than anyone else. As someone of the lgbt community, I have found most of the students that attend to be more than accepting of who I am and I see other members being treated with respect as well. The one place Inspire doesn't do too well is ethnic/racial diversity. For the demographics of the region, Inspire isn't a super diverse school being mostly composed of white and latino students. As a white person it isn't my position to make judgements for this situation, but I hope that the poc at Inspire feel safe and respected. There are no large cases of extreme racism from my perspective.
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Inspire has several clubs and organizations that students can get easily involved in. There's especially quite a few ones that have an emphasis on community involvement and volunteering. Teachers and staff are good about letting clubs be student led but still offer support so they run smoothly. The most commitment-heavy club I've joined requires mandatory community service per semester. Many of the clubs offered have neat opportunities to attend. Several of the clubs engage in community events or host concerts/galleries.
The teachers at Inspire are good at communicating clearly and working with students to be successful. Many of the teachers try experimenting with different learning practices and tools to find new and better ways to teach the class. When I had a family crisis most of my teachers expressed concern and offered to help me work around an schedule conflicts that arose. Even today, with most of that behind me, a few of my teachers check up on me. As is realistically, I have found that some of the teachers teaching styles and classroom presence to be difficult. However, regardless of whether or not the teaching style worked for me, it was clear that all my teachers were very passionate about the subjects they taught.
Everyone is friends with everyone at Inspire. No joke.
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