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Insight gets the job done in the sense that the student will graduate with all required credits. However, chances are no actual learning will be involved, as Insight hires many subpar, unqualified teachers.
Insight School of Washington allowed me to focus on my health while also taking care of my education. Quality of teachers was great as they really care about their students and their success. I wish there were better peer-to-peer interactions and a greater sense of community amongst the student body.
Insight school of Washington is a great online school. They have multiple programs from STEM to expectant mothers. Unfortunately this is not a " work at your own pace" school. If you like to work ahead i do recommend this program. Teachers and counselors are very helpful. You build relationships with your peers and teachers and when it is time to see them its a special moment.
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Since this is an online school, you can go at your own pace. Teachers are very helpful and quick to respond to anything. There are weekly class connect sessions where everyone is expected to participate in class discussions.
It was a pretty okay school honestly. The one thing I would recommend they look into is the workload that is given to the students. It is more than what a college student would get and that is truly unbearable for most students.
I like the fact that I can work at my own time and place without worrying about bothering anyone else. My experience overall is in a positive light which I'm sure everyone else who has attended this school feels the same as well. The curriculum is quite easy to understand and makes it easy for the students to navigate through the system. If anyone were to look for an online school program, I'd tell them to put their child in k12 or ISWA
Very helpful and the teachers actually cared and helped me out a whole lot and now that I graduated in doing online college at Independence University. 😊
I have had a great experience with insight school of Washington because they have helped me through a hard time when people were bullying me as my old school we switched to insight and they got me councilling and the help I needed cause at my old school I found out I had autism so they got me speech andthey also talk to me about my school work if I have anything missing and if I need help but I would like to change the fact that they don't have any sports because well others might want to join a sport right well that's all ummm gonna say but I love my school
I enjoyed my time with Insight School of Washington because the teachers and staff actually cared about your future and wanted you to grow as a person rather than being put through the motions of a normal school.
I like that it is a free system of education, which is based online. This allows students to learn wherever they go, as long as they have a computer. Nothing is usually required besides a computer and Microsoft Word, which is actually provided for free download by the school. Also, there is an immense amount of schedule flexibility. As long as you do your weekly work, you are often allowed to do it at any time during the week. For example, if you have to go on a business trip on Monday-Thursday, you can just do that work ahead of time; even a month ahead of time, if you like. Or you could simply do it all on Friday or over the weekend, and usually don't lose any points. Overall, this is a school that allows one to get a good level of high school education (as long as they're motivated to learn), whatever their life circumstances may be.
Insight offered my home-schooled children the full high school academics and peer experience that interested them. As well as teachers that went far and beyond that of a typical brick and mortar school. My kids went on to participating in the duel-credit Running start program with Clark Community College and graduating with honors. Both have went on to university and are thriving in that environment thanks to the opportunity at Insight.
I love all of the academics they provide, including help from teachers, peers, and what classes they offer. I have learned a variety of information and knowledge not only to do with classes, but also tools I can use for every day life and moving through my life.
My experience at this school so far has been pretty good. I will never be sure if taking the online school route was best for me , but I wouldn't have wanted to go into any other online school.
The teachers at this school are generally great. Most of them offer you one to one lessons if need be and allow you to contact them. They are always doing what is best for the students and are very interested in helping us to grow academically. Grading is mostly consistent, and fair.
Teachers and Parents are both involved in school.
The teachers are the nicest people you will ever meet. They are always there when you need help. The classroom environment is really great. I would recommend this school to anyone that is looking for a practical way to study and need a little bit more time to do there work.
Academics were good, I was challenged sometimes.
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I never met anyone, but from chats they were nice.
I wasn't a part of any extracurricular activities.
I missed having more social interactions
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