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Insight School of Kansas Reviews

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I loved getting the chance to be a self learner and loved how flexible the school was. I loved the pace you could take yourself that went around other things going on in your life.
Great place to go to school when you want to get down with school fast and you don't have to take all the unnecessary classes
Insight school of Kansas is a very well perceived school. They have teachers that you can call at anytime and get help. The school also is work at your own pace in a way and if you miss a day you do not have to worry about it because all your assignments for the week are listed on your school calendar.
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It's all online so it's hard to have a social life
Teachers work with you on going to class. And call you to make sure your understanding things ok.
i have started going to college and i feel like graduation helped me get to college.
Everyone is unique in their own way. Some were older and younger then me.
i met so many people graduation day. Prom would of been fun if i would of been able to go. I loved getting a rose at graduation.
I learned so much while doing online classes. Even though i had a rough time keeping my grades up i liked it.
teachers are very helpful, work is easy and have great classes to choose from.
they email you when policies change
I do fine in college and so do the classmates that I knew. So it's good!
Well.. I never met anyone face to face unless it was for testing!
There's quite a bit of teachers that keep their online class room open throughout the week to get help with assignments. A lot of the teachers also allow you to tweak a project to suit you better.
Online school is a lot more difficult to pass with an A due to the fact that you NEED to be motivated. I loved it.
I adored my teachers, even though I hardly attended class.
I'm sure there are a lot of students that go on to do some wonderful things from this school.
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No sports, of course. But we did have a prom and we do have meet ups once a month.
Since it was online school, it was pretty simple to just do your work and not say anything bad in the live chat rooms.
Was a good school, I enjoyed going there for the last two years of my high school career.
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