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Being a senior at Inola, I’ve really gotten to know the school. I love that it has small class sizes and how well I’ve gotten to know my peers because of it. Resources such as a brand new STEM lab and laptops for classrooms has really aided in my learning experience, especially this year. The staff is working hard to ensure we understand what we’re being taught and have given me a reason to miss high school when I graduate and move on to college.
Inola High School has great teachers who informs students about life and education. I feel like everybody would like to have a chance to change the world or somebody's world but what I would like to change in this school is how these unappreciated teachers and staffs are paid. They are just like any hard-working doctors, business people, investigators, and celebrities. Ever since time started, every child, animal or human, has had a teacher by their side teaching them something that will benefit their future. It can be a coach, a musician, and if you're creative enough, yourself.
I went their my sophomore through senior year. It was an average high school with good teachers, administration no so good.
Sports were #1 and athletes ran the school.
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I loved every second at Inola High School. The school is very small, so you knew everyone personally. The teachers were amazing. They wouldn't hesitate to help you if you needed extra tutoring. Unlike bigger schools, Inola let you be involved in multiple things at once.
A very small town so you get to know everyone. classes sizes are small and the teachers are friendly.
During my time at Inola High school I come to a conclusion that overall it may not be the best academic school but a good student involvement school. Inola High school does not allow an student to go beyond the basic. As a senior from Inola High school I come to realize that there are not enough elected classes. Students often retake classes because of the very limited elected classes. But because Inola High School is a small school it cannot afford to expand an student's education.
Inola High School is has quite a few good teachers but they really lack in elective classes and college readiness. The faculty is very nice.
Inola is a small school within a small town. It is filled with lovely people and great staff. It may be an under funded school but it makes up for it with it's lovely assortment of personalities.
I am involved in many clubs and organizations and they all are well supported and have great student and faculty involvement.
The school is unique. Inola is such a small community that the teachers, students, and families all come together as one. I wouldn't trade it for anything.
The teachers are amazing. I know if I need anything at all they will jump through hoops to ensure I get it. They are easily accessible and genuinely care about all of their students.
I had a few problems with students and the parents while attending, but over all it was pretty great. Everyone knew everyone, you did not graduate not knowing half of your class we were all one big happy family. If i could go back and be a longhorn and walk those halls one last time i would drop everything to return.
Teachers at Inola Public Schools in general care for students very deeply. Most of them go above and beyond to be involved and help the students in anyway, shape, or form. I still chat with teachers I had in high school and turn to them for help with my college work.
The more you are involved, the more you get out it.
I love this school almost everyone gets along. There's not many schools where a football players best friend is in band or where the kid with the highest GPA is on a sports team, but Inola is one of the ones that has those odd relationships. We don't really have cliques, we just have a school.
It is a great school and what makes it unique is that most of the teachers there will make sure that you pass their class and they care about you. They will do whatever it takes to help you succeed.
This school has not prepared me for college.
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There is never a lack of friends here. It does not matter if you are the social butterfly or not as there is always a place to fit in.
There are healthy options available however the quality is poor. The amounts given are small unless the salad bar is eaten. There is not much variety.
The school staff is involved and willing to help students. There are not many problems with bullying however dress code violations are common. One major dress code violation is holes in jeans.
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