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Innovations International Charter School of Nevada - Upper School Reviews

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Innovations is an okay school. A few teachers really care about there students, but some don't. The ones that don't, don't help the student and only talk about them to each other. The teachers that do care try to change the way the school is, in a good way.
Innovations is quite an average school. It has it’s good moments, however, there are a lot of things that can be improved. The communication can be pretty bad, there needs to be more counselors so every student’s needs can be met, and the students concerns should matter to more than just our teachers and staff. There are a nice amount of teachers that really do care for the students and want to see their students excel in life. However, I would not recommend the school to anyone, but for students who are already there, it’s not the worst thing because there is a sense of camaraderie among friends and staff that make the school more bearable to attend. I feel that this school has its ups and downs, getting better in some aspects while worsening in others.
It is a great school to be in if your interested in going to a safe school. Most schools have gang affiliation students while as in this school there is none. It very committed for the safety of the student. And learn in a safe environment and smoothe school to be in for high school
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Teachers just show up and get through the day. The classrooms are mixed with special needs kids and normal kids. The normal kids feel the are "dumbed down" so special needs kids can keep up.
It had small classes which I personally enjoyed, the class came together as a tiny family sometimes. But the lack of the ability to choose your classes was a downside.
The security measure that are taken at school are usually enforced when it is a matter that is being discussed throughout whole school amongst teachers as well as students.
Only sport available is basketball. Little school spirit. Fitness program is ok.
Technology lab is efficient. Guidance counselor is very busy but tries to help. Very little college prep resources. If struggling teachers will set up time for tutoring. No busing. Little parent involvement.
Dress code is fairly lax. Senior attendance poor. Bullying is addressed and handled. Guidance counselor tried but is always busy.
Lack of after school activities. Lack of education. No discipline.
The teachers are good. Some of them have a lot of knowledge and are always outgoing. If you have a question, they would have no problem answering it. They can be nice to the individuals as long as you are respectful to them. They are very helpful when it comes to important tests such as The Nevada Proficiencies Exams. They do stay after class or come a little bit earlier than they are supposed to just to help you out. The teaching style is good, and interesting so I believe the teachers at this school are above excellent.
The food that this school offers is different from the one that the county offers to a normal public school. In my opinion the food is healthier, since it has a variety of vegetables and also offers juice. There is always two or more options to choose from the menu. If you are an athlete or if you have a big appetite in my opinion bring extra food. There is also every Friday a snack shack available, which with the money collected it helps the basketball team.
The academics offered for this school since it has been opened not for long are not so big. We have science, math, English, the normal curriculum to graduate. But it also offers Japanese as a second language, which most schools do not have. I believe you take this class since middle school until Junior year, which is very helpful for the future. We have also extra classes which have college credits such as Zoology. The classes might be hard but at the end these pay off. The teachers are very helpful and friendly and also the counselors and principals are available and always there if you have a problem or need help, they would be able to help you out.
The athletic facilities are great. We don't have anything spectacular but we have a nice gym size with basketball hoops and our martial arts equipment. We do switch it up from time to time we are either inside or outside where we often play football,soccer,or basketball. The instructors like to give us a a day where we play a sport for our free day from our martial arts being that martial arts is our core subject in PE.
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