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Innovations International Charter School of Nevada - Lower School Reviews

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Loved it! Great Teachers, lovely campus. Couldn’t be happier about this school. I learned a lot here, and have felt happy and accepted here.
Some teachers at my school are very knowledgeable and actually care for their students. Unfortunately, others are the complete opposite. Those teachers do not care to engage with us outside the classroom and students have trouble understanding lessons most of the time. The administration does not take complains on the teachers very well and we are stuck trying to learn lessons on our own from time to time. However, the caring teachers help us enough to make it through the school year. Those teachers make it all worth it.
since there are only so many students there aren't options for what classes you want to take. You can't choose your schedule. I wish the classes were more customizable with different levels for different students
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there usually aren't too many options, and there aren't too many specifically healthy options. However none of the food was horrible or exceptionally good or bad.
I've never really had to go to administration for much help. Everything was always set for me. The principal is involved in a lot of things, she is usually seen around campus. guidance counselors are always available as we the office staff. Reported bullying is always taken care by the assistant principal. The most broken dress code is skinny jeans on girls or not wearing the school shirt under a jacket. Sometimes there are random dress code sweeps. I've never been absent too much so i'm not sure what they do if you are.
the overall building and resources are fine, nothing bad or great. One year the heater in one building broke down and all day it was very cold, but the next day it was fixed.
I've made a lot of friends at that school since there are only so many students to know, you basically know everyone. I've had more than a few teachers that i've really liked. Personally i've never had any problems at that school
every student has at least one or two favorite teachers. The teachers generally care for the students. Most teachers are appreciated by the students. A few not so much. But personally I've never had a teacher I didn't like unless they were disrespectful.
many of the students at school are Mexican or African American, however there are also students who's culture originated in south america, the Philippines, or Europe.
since there are only so many students, there are not a lot of sports teams. There is a soccer team and a basketball team every year. There is also the martial arts club. But everything else is limited
its mandatory for students to join globals, which are clubs you can join. There is at least 10-12 every year and depending on how many students join each one will make the globals for the year. IICSN is known for it's skateboarding and martial arts globals
The staff and security get along with most of the kids. Bullying is dealt with by the assistant principle when reported or known about. I've never been hurt at school physically or mentally. I once got the flu in the middle of the day, the nurse took my temperature and let me lie down until my parent picked me up. There are a few cameras in the hallways and the outside area. The at least one security member can be found walking around one part of the school. Overall the school safety is decent.
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