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I love this school. The personalized education was the biggest draw. Being able to work at my own pace is the best part. The teachers work to build personal relationships with all the students. Not to mention the idea of getting a college degree at the same time as a diploma. Innovations is the future in education.
Innovations Early College High school is a very good place for self-driven people who are interested in college and getting concurrent enrollment credit. Our school motto is Path, Place, Pace, and Time. We are able to take time learning subjects or be able to fly through things we are better at. It is such a good opportunity to take part in.
The teachers and tutors here care that you get ahead in school and are ready to go to collage. Collage classes are very easy to get to and getting to other high schools is simple.
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Innovations is amazing! The staff and faculty truly care about their students. All the students are givien a mentor and there are also tutors there to help.
The teachers and tutors are amazing with students and the learning environment is also great. The school gives you a wonderful opportunity to get either ahead in school or caught up. They want to see the students strive. You work at your own pace allowing the student to learn about responsibilities.
I think that innovations in an excellent school. They are an early college high school so at any point in your high school career you can take college classes and possibly get your whole associates degree by the time you graduate. It saves so much money and teachers and staff are wonderful. They do everything they can to make things as easy for you as possible. You can get regular high school so quickly and if you struggle with certain subjects there is always help available. In addition, if you wanted to take sports or some kind of extracurricular, they will bus you every day, every class period, to one of three public high schools that are close by. Innovations is a really great school for kids of all kind. You are free to move at your own pace, and have so much support to make you happy.
Innovations High School is a progressive electronic school that is designed to prep students for a college environment. Students are expected to be self-driven and create their individual education plan. The instructors at this school talked to me as an equal, which inspired me to act independently and provided me with the maturity to handle upper education. I found Innovations to be far superior to the traditional schools I had attended. After being turned-off by the education system for several years, my interest for learning was rekindled.
This school is cool lol. I like this school because the people here are very open. I like how you can learn what you want to learn and stay in a class room you want to stay in.
The only thing I have to say about Innovations is that I wish I went there as a freshman. The school is the has the most unique way of teaching standard education, which helps those who don't fit in traditional high school. I heard that the school administration sent out a survey to kids asking what would make high school better and out off all the responses they created Innovations. Teachers are looked at more as friends, and student are treated more like family. They prep you for college, and encourage you to start taking college classes junior year. By the time you graduate, you'll be graduated with an Associate Degree.
I had a wonderful experience at innovations. Since I was a young child I have needed 1 on 1 experience to learn and I needed to be able to work at my one pace. At Innovations the class to teacher ratio is low enough that I can get a lot of 1 on 1 time and I know every teacher personally and they know me too. Also by learning at my own pace I learned responsibility to manage my time and my work load. I also had the opportunity to take concurrent enrollment classes for free at Salt Lake Community College and I graduated high school with 21 college credits and some of my friends even graduated with their associates. I recommend this school if you are looking at an alternative to the normal high school grind and only if you are successful at
Didn't have much interaction with other parents
Very diverse school where everyone is welcome no matter their background. Many assemblies dedicated to being accepting and anti-bullying
There are many activities/extracurriculars offered through other high schools, which are all easily accessible for students
Positive social scene, people from all facets of life are accepted and welcome
There are many after school clubs at my school, but we focus more on core classes. Teachers lead clubs like Gamers Guild, Yearbook Committee, Drama, School Newspaper, Running Group, and Student Counsel. If there is something else you'd like to join you can invite a teacher to "sponsor" your group and make it, or you can bus to a neighboring high school to take classes there. I have used this and bussed to other schools to take Productions and Mandarin Chinese. These are called "brick and mortar" classes. There are limitations due to scheduling conflicts but usually the schools will work with you to try and get you to all the classes you wish to participate in.
My school focuses on you. I don't feel like another face in the crowd. My high school puts the responsibility on you to act like an adult. You are allowed to show up and check in when you please and are asked to stay about 6.5 hours, however, if you are making progress they allow you to attend less than that. Some students work form home and come in to take tests. This competency based program has optional classes called meetings for those who like to work on a schedule with a group. If not, you are allowed to work on your courses individually at your own pace. Many people earn their credits faster because of this and therefore have more time to take college classes. Our school is located inside the South Salt Lake Salt Lake Community College. We take physical classes right in the college surrounded by college students. We get the full experience. I think my school prepares students for "the real world" in the best way possible- by giving them control. Many teachers dictate their students, but not here. This creates a mutual respect between students and staff. This does not mean however, that we are allowed to "run wild". If your mentor teacher, or counselor so to speak, notices a lack of progress in classes they will meet with you to ask why and figure out a balance. At the beginning of this year I got a job that only had AM positions open. My school allowed me to work during the day because they knew I was capable of handling my priorities. I felt like an adult juggling college classes, work, and high school, but I've loved it. I think in this way when I do go to university, I won't be so overwhelmed and I won't make as many mistakes. Due to the overlap in education, I believe my transition between high school and college will be easier than others. This school has taught me so much but most importantly it has taught me life lessons that you don't learn in traditional high schools.
The teachers make sure that they fit the individuals needs. If something doesn't make sense, they will take the time to explain. If an assignment is difficult, they will work through it with you or modify it to your capabilities (i.e. a person with social anxiety won't have to give a speech to the entire class just the teacher). My teachers often allow students a wide variety of choices on how to present their work. My teachers respect me and my ideas, they know who I am and care about my success. Each classroom also has tutors who are there to help if a teacher is busy. You can schedule meetings with tutors or teachers to help you in various subject fields. For instance, I have test anxiety and even though I felt secure in my knowledge of math, I failed the final exam twice. My math teacher took the time to help me work through it and I passed my course with an "A". At a traditional school I feel like most wouldn't take the time to work with an individual like that. As said by Albert Einstein, "...If you judge a fish by it's ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid." At Innovations Early College High School, I feel capable and even if I don't know how to do something at the moment, I have the assured knowledge that I will be able to work through it with the wonderful help and support of my teachers.
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The rules at school are very accommodating. Students don't have to ask to go to the bathroom. Students can use their phones and wear headphones as long as they are working. You can leave campus whenever you like and show up to school when you like. Classes are repeated in morning and afternoon so students can attend when it fits their personal schedule better. I love the school. It keeps stress levels lower and encourages students. People want to get their work done and work hard to graduate. It has higher than 90% graduation rates and no school violence. It is a great environment and I wish I had gone there sooner in my highschool years.
The teachers at my school are wonderful. They listen to and respect students opinions and advice. Learning is easy and enjoyable. The teachers are very caring for their students. They make themselves available in and outside of school to offer any extra help that is needed. They offer advice and closely interact with individual students. Tutors are available in every room, who work as a sort of extra teacher. All lessons are up to date and include current events and applicable topics which keeps class interesting.
We all have ID's and we log into the front office when we come or go, bullying is not an issue, the teachers are safe as well as the office staff. We have a police officer who teaches a class and sometimes has his K9.
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