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The teachers were really great and the integration of technology into the curriculum prepared me for future higher education
Worst experience ever ! Unbelievable this campus is still open for operation, should be closed immediately. The staff is horrible including the principal and teachers, with the exception of Mr. Urbino, he is wonderful and deserves a better educational institution. The campus is chaos with gang fights & bullying, they lack terribly at supervision and security. School construction completion date 2020. Children are expected to walk across a muddy field in the rain to get to class. Drop off and pick up is a nightmare. The senior residential homeowners are ready to fight and make it impossible to get in & out quickly. Student support is slim, teachers lack interest in student success. P.E. is a joke, majority, my child walks around the field with zero coach interaction. Innovations can't grasp control of how to institute an appropriate educational environment. Attending students give negative replies and the poor responses when asked about I Middle.
There are only a couple of athletic activities in our school since it's just a middle school. I have participated in our after school basketball team and we were an ok group in our league. Everyone of my friends joined the team and even though we didn't win all of our games, we all had fun and motivated each other.
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The teachers were great since the middle school was relatively new. They are very kind and friendly to their students which, I believe, is one of the things my friends look forward to everyday. Their lessons are very unique, as well as their teaching style, and they discourage paper and pencil work since our school is a technology school. They know that since we are in a technology age where teens are not 2 feet far from a technological device, they have incorporated teaching with technology making learning easier and fun.
During my school years in this middle school, there was a great deal of diversity. This made me create a diverse group of friends.
There's not that much extra curricular activities offered in this school except for a couple athletic clubs, such as after school basketball.
I felt safe in this school. The staff and the teachers were very nice me and my fellow peers.
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