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Innovation Central High School Reviews

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Every thing is honestly great about Innovation Central. The teachers are very nice and very understanding. They know when something’s up and they have everything under control which is great.
Innovation was a good school. But like most public schools it lacks resources for students to attend college.
When I was accepted into the school it didn’t know what to expect. I thought it was going to be like any other school. But I come in and saw so many different types of people. There was so much diversity and familiarity. I enjoy the academies or Centers of Innovation.
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It's a good school that offers many opportunities for underprivileged students to shine despite what others may think. The only bad thing about the school is that the students could sometimes be a bit much in terms of behavioral problems, although this is mostly true for the under class men.
Great school for inner city children. Good teachers that teach the curriculum very well and enjoy working with students.
My experience at Innovation Central High School has been great. The school offers four academies: Business, Health & technology, design & construction, and engineering. As a student there, I have been taking the courses of engineering. We go through the process of basic engineering to actually building them through revit. One thing I would love to change about the school is having sports. This school does not have enough funding for students to be involved in sports and it really bothers a lot of athletes.
Central does a wonderful job of keeping the family atmosphere alive. There are four major academies: health sciences, design and construction, modern engineering, and last but not least business and entrepreneurship. Throughout the last four years of your academic career you are trained and become accustomed to the career field of your choice.
My experience in Innovation Central High school is that the teacher work hard to make the student pass the class and graduate.
At Innovation Central High School, you see lots of opportunities to explore and find out who you are... There's so many programs, field trips, and unique qualities that you're given, it's almost impossible to walk away without finding what a passion you can explore along the road.
The teachers are phenomenal therefore you can get a great education. The building itself is vintage but it is a great place to learn.
While attending Innovation Central High School I've made lots of friends and also lost a lot of them due to growing up.At Central I've had a hard time seeing eye to eye with my teachers and knowing that a lot of those teachers didn't really care about us really hit my chest hard.If you are looking for education this isn't the place to be.
Innovation central as a whole is a decent school. Most of the teachers care, food is not so great but them again what school lunch is, the kids are loud and 2/5 of the principles are pretty okay. It was the normal everyday high school experience except faculty sometimes picked on specific kids, faculty sometimes threatened students, we are always praised for having the best scores on state wide exames yet when you go into the principals office and you try to explain yourself he will call you disrespectful and we do not have any sports so we are forever divided. I would go back but only for the connections I made through the school and the opportunities
My overall experience was average, i would say. What i did like about my high school experience was the opportunities that the school gave me. We had mentors from different occupations come to our school each month to have one-on-one conversations with us. One down side was the college readiness, I personally do not think that they challenge us to be ready for college. They give us a deadline and i we do not make the deadline the allow us to make it up, college isn't going to do that. Also, I would say that the resources are not that great.
Some things I like about being at innovation central high is the family bond you make with people but the uniform and some of the curriculum is"one way thinking" like I'd you don't think this way you will not understand what to do but it's a good school.
Innovation Central was very welcoming. All the teachers at the school treated you respect and were able to teach you in an adequate way. The school is general is amazing. The school is divided into four different classes of innovation. Each class of innovation gave you knowledge that will be stuck with you for a lifetime. The school provides multiple opportunities for each student in their designated class of study.
We don't really have enough issues for us to need extra security.
There are some groups they don't have that I wish they did have.
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The teachers aren't as interactive as other teachers are.
A few,but not all, teachers show as much passion as some other teachers do.
We have amazing teachers and it shows. They do what they HAVE to do while personalizing it and making it as fun as they can for the students because they understand how boring the curriculum is.
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