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Very small school, so everyone (teachers and students) knows everyone. The project based learning is also a very useful skill to be able to use in the future; because after college you will have very few tests but a good amount of projects.
I liked that there were so many opportunities for public speaking, yet even though I'm shy I felt like I was in a safe place. I love the English class options and the opportunity for endersession at the end of every year and choice blocks every trimester. There are so many different ways to learn and different experiences you can learn from and it almost felt like college already.
As a 5-12 institution with approximately 800 students, it has these qualities:

Reformations are sometimes student-driven; staff are knowledgeable, conscientious, and overall pleasant to be around; HS courses are more or less elective-based; exceptionally low bullying rate; very accommodating with gifted children and those with special needs (I know from experience), friendly atmosphere, and high quality dual enrollment options.

In addition, there is currently one AP class (Calculus AB/BC) (test-optional), a nationally ranking athlete, and a transgender bathroom (if that's important to you).

Science lab and outdoor track are also neat recent additions.
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The faculty is amazing, the teachers really want to get to know their students and help them succeed.The smaller classroom sizes make it a lot easier to learn and get to know your peers.
IACS is filled with very accepting students and down-to-earth teachers. The curriculum is project-based and teachers make the classroom environment student-led. It's a small school and everyone is a family. It's very easy to make friends.
I love this school! The small size allowed me to get close to my teachers. There is nothing like getting taught by someone who knows you well and can help you with your specific needs. Also, the school is always changing for the better. This fall I attended a conference run by the head of the school and it included teachers, parents, alumni, board members, and administration. The conference was about improving the school for the nest generations of students. I love that our school actively looks for opportunities to be better. I just can't express my love for this school and how much it has made me love learning. Every project is hands on and intuitive; they let us figure things out on our own and that makes it stick and be more enjoyable. This school has been the best fit for me in every aspect, the culture, the education, and absolutely everything.
Innovation Academy is a very small community of students. There are a perfect amount of students per class and the teachers are spectacular. The school offers a broad range of unique classes and tends to each student's particular learning style. In my opinion the building is way too small and the foreign language department as well as the athletic department needs more variety.
Innovation Academy Charter School allows students to grow through rigorous and meaningful work and projects rather than repetitive tests and worksheets.
I’ve been going here since 8th grade and I love it. The teachers have really good relationships with students and they offer a variety of interesting classes in each subject. The school is small so the kids know each other and bullying and violence is a much smaller problem than it is at other schools.
I have been to Innovation Academy Charter School since the fifth grade. I think it is an overall great school, the teachers are very personable and helpful. It has a very hands-on approach which is very helpful in learning and helps concepts to stay with you. We are paired with advisors who also help us through the college planning process which is very helpful.
I thought IACS did a great job preparing me for college. I am able to self-advocate, problem solve, work as an active team member, make solid oral presentations and solve complex social and academic issues.
Innovation Academy Charter School is a very good place to send your child. I have gone here since fifth grade and have never once doubted my choice. The environment is very friendly. Students, for whatever reason, do not form cliques like at other schools and instead have very fluid friend groups that rarely cultivate bullying. My teachers are friendly and care about our well being. Homework is challenging yet manageable. The project-based curriculum is helpful for critical thinking and development.
I as a parent was very dissatisfied with this school. In my opinion there grading system and their lack of taking control of the classroom needs to be improved on. They are setting their students up for failure. I would not recommend this school to anyone.
Great academics, great staff, beautiful terrain. The people care about eachother and the community is thriving and important
I really like the school. I think the teachers are pretty good and the classes are pretty good. Overall the student body is nice and a lot more open minded than most high schools. I went to a public high school for freshman year, and I like it a lot better here. The schools arts department is really good, and the theatre and choral departments are really good as well. There isn't a ton of sports here, but track is pretty popular. The school is mostly white but there's some black kids too.
I love the hands on approach to learning. I also love how inclusive the school is, we are very open to LGBT+ groups, and we are also a pretty diverse bunch of kids. IACS prepares it's students for college (or so I've heard from friends, and I feel pretty prepared) through skills such as public speaking, various types of analysis and writing, and language. Most of the teachers are young and relatable, they are easy to talk to and always ready to help. The variety of available courses ensures that there is something that interests everyone. Our sports program is still growing, so we don't have everything and we're still working on getting a gym. The lunch program is balanced though it could use some work.
I loved it! I've been going there since fifth grade and I love the small school community. This school really give you a chance to reach out to the community around you. It offered duel enrolled classes partnered with Middlesex Community College as well.
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Innovation is trying really hard to be progressive in their approach to teaching. However, they are overly committed to some areas of education, and woefully inadequate in others.
Innovation Academy Charter School is a relatively small school which cares deeply about its students. The administration is very supportive of student success. Teachers are given the freedom to teach what they like, resulting in a great deal of creativity in curriculum and a unique atmosphere of genuine interest in learning. Students are generally pretty friendly, and create a collaborative atmosphere.
I liked the fact that it is a small school compared to other public schools in the area. The teachers there really care about how you're doing and want to know you further than the classroom. If you're looking for sports, Innovation Academy does not have the most competitive sports teams but they do have pretty good soccer and track teams.
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