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Inman Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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For a small town good variety of all activiites. Technology club is good, yearbook. Music program is suffering greatly after loss of band teacher prior.
Counselor is available and great. Principal is accessible and works well with parents. Administration OK, school has LARGE debt which is a concern and town taxes are higher than most. Dress code could be encouraged better, bullying is addressed through speakers, need to continue to do this to keep awareness out there.
Pep rallies, spirit week. Large emphasis on sports throughout. Not enough coaches for lessor players or opportunity to play. Added cross country this year - that is good, golf a great option as well.
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The school is a small town school, they do well with the resources they have. Bullying has been addressed - it is just impossible to stop. They have good safety measures.
There is large variety of activities to engage students after the school day is done, and they are very popular and of high quality.
The teachers at this school are some of the best, utilizing new ways and technology into their lesson plans in a way that aid learning and preparing for the next stage in life.
The bus drivers are very casual and fun to get along with, but manage to maintain the rules and safety without seeming like tyrants
The teachers and administration care about their students and take all precautions necessary to keep them safe and healthy.
Nothing special about the food, really. Just your everyday average high school meal!
The teachers in this school really try to challenge students and get the best that they can out of them.
For being such a small town school, you really do get a great experience and a great education!
I enjoy the teachers and administration at our school, but as with many schools, it seems as though many pick favorites.
My school's athletics are very good for a school of it's size, ut it does not provide as large a variety of sports as many schools around us.
Most students go on to college, a few go to the local vo-tech/junior college and stop there. The guidance counselor at Inman is great and has been there for many, many years. He really knows his stuff and helps students sort out their best options.
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