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What I like about Inlet Grove is that the teachers, councilors, etc care about our education. They offer opportunities that help will most likely help you in the future. What I would like to see change is the environment overall, I would like to see a safer environment for current and future children.
Inlet Grove is a great school for opportunity. The teachers are supportive and takes their time out to work with you one on one just so they can see you succeed. There are plenty of careers for you to choose through so you can find out what best fits you and what makes you happy. There is plenty of clubs, sports, and activities that you can become apart of if you want to be interactive with the school and have school spirit. Its a small school so its easy for you to find your way around and have meetings with you councilors.
It's a small charter school and most may not think much of it but the schedule prepares you for the world beyond (aka college) and the average school population is so small that everyone knows everyone. Creates a nice atmosphere. Met some of the greatest people in my life there. Cafeteria food sucks though, but the Culinary program there is amazing.
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this place is awful there are fights every other day and the teaching is not as good as it needs to be in gym they push you even with asthma they don't let you stop to take a break and the food is terrible
It has a variety of career programs that are taught be teachers who've actually worked in those fields. My experience there was generally a good one and I didn't have any major issues. They also offer a skipping program which was how I first got introduced to the school, by skipping the 8th grade.
My time at Inlet was marked by special friends that I still have to this day and special teachers that impacted a change in my life. I recommend this high school to other students wanting to start a profession early.
I moved to West Palm from Brooklyn about 4.5 years ago when I was in 7th grade. During the summer, Inlet invited me to skip 8th grade. This is by far the best school I've ever been to. They are helping me graduate a year early.
It was a long but fun adventure, love that it had the medical career because that is the path that I was looking for.
Inlet Grove is a good school as long as you get the right teachers, the good teachers are involved in the curriculum and make sure that each student understands. Inlet is a small school so you get to know the students and the teachers very well, which I think is a good asset of a school. one thin that i would like to see changed is the campus itself, it is an outdoor school which isn't in the best interest when your'e going to school in Florida and it is very hot and humid.
Although it doesn't have the most up to date equipment, Its truly a great school. The best part of the school also is that they give you the best advantages on your high school career.
The administration does not know what their doing. The CEO Ms. Banks is a money hungry old woman who does not care for the attending students. The school is poor, athletics department is trash, and the school buildings themselves are falling apart. Ms.banks illegally sells junk food in the media center hallway and makes academy teachers pay out of pocket for their own resources when the school should be funding them. The students there are highly disrespectful and the teachers and administration have no knowledge of what is being taught. The only reason why its an A /B school is because the students work their butts off in order to graduate because we have no other help besides other students who want to succeed.
I made many kind friends even though I was very much so an odd person out. I did not feel very safe in the school. I had my phone stolen multiple times, even using extensive safety measures like a lock, etc.. I also had to transfer schools and I felt as though they didn’t prepare me for that. They’re curriculum was far different than my graduating school, even though they were in the same county. I had to play catch up my next 3 years. Although they gave me an opportunity to skip the 8th grade, in hidsight, I regret doing so.
I loved how effective the school's college preparedness is. The falsity truly takes the time to care for each and every student, making sure that the stay for track for a better education. 10/10 would recommend.
Although it is a charter school it consistently ranks among the highest graduation in the county. In excess of 90% of the students go on to higher learning. It is relatively small with approx. 650-700 students. It is a very family-oriented school where every faculty member knows the students names. The school spirit is excellent and overall they are very student-centered. The school has the only "skipper program" in the county; wherein students who have met the criteria set by the school can skip the 8th grade and go directly into the 9th from 7th. This sets a lot of students for dual enrollment and early admission into college.
I like the variety of career class choices this school offers. Really helped me to figure out what i want to be in life.
The skipping program that Inlet Grove Community High School has is outstanding, the teachers are all very good educators, and the career programs it has to offer makes the highlight of my high school experience.
I'd just prefer a better campus as it does not look safe. The lunch is the same every week so I want that to change as well. I don't personally like the people there which is why I left, but hopefully you'll manage, as most do.
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It’s a career academy that prepares you for the real world that’s what I like most that they make sure you’re prepared to enter you field weither it’s medical, law, or culinary
One of my favorite experiences is when we all got Christmas gifts from the school, I would like to see an improvement in the restrooms for they are not cleaned enough.
I liked that the school provided me with career development opportunities. I was able to gain a trade certificate and license from here. I would love if the school would get renovated with nicer landscaping. The school could be better if they had more library books, newer textbooks and laptops.
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