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Inland Lakes Secondary School Reviews

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What I like about inland lakes is that it is very small. I know everyone's faces when I walk down the hall to my classrooms. The teachers are very friendly and are more than willing to help you if you are struggling. I am a cheerleader so a lot of people know my face too. Its very helpful to me to feel safe while learning and become a powerful young woman.
Small town schools can create good people and the teachers were great. Changes are made every year and one that should be done is more after school life education
I like that they like to engage the students in nearly everything from clubs to academics to sports. They are always up to engaging people in things at the school. However, the food is terrible and they could prepare us more for college readiness.
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The best part about Inland Lakes Schools are the teachers. This district employees top notch personnel that truly care about students and their progress.
its an okay school. Its certainly not bad, but could use a lot of work to get students more involved.
I mean, it was ok
I have made many good friends that I believe will remain my friends after high school. I have discovered my passion for photography and graphic design and have been give the chance to peruse it. however there are many aspects of the school that need to change. Mainly the bias teachers and staff have for the athletic kids and their own children. Many of the staff have "favorites" and they give them special treatment.
There are many teachers here that give more than they have to. They do all they can to give the students the best shot possible. However there are a few teachers that seem to have lost whatever at one time made them good. Some to have fizzled out and are now boring and difficult to understand.
fun atmosphere here. Lots to do and a ot of teachers participate in activities outside of school.
teachers here are friendly. some are better than others but new teachers are starting to integrate in and are caring about learning.
Most teachers seemed to follow the curriculum closely.

Our schedules were made for us and given to us. Trying to change a class on our schedule was close to impossible.

Workload was fine for me, many students thought the homework was outrageous.

I do not remember having a tutor in the school system. I had to find a tutor outside the school.

Popular classes were the fun classes. None were academic.
The bullying has always been out of hand at this school. I'm not sure if it's different now because there is a new principal. But I know that in my experience it was "not tolerated" for someone to bully someone else. And it happened multiple times on a daily basis. Kids would go to the office because they were being bullied and nothing would end up happening.

We did not have a school nurse.

The school usually felt safe. Many physical fights. Lots of students disrespecting teachers which was and still is uncomfortable.
Most clubs or groups like key club or National Honor Society did not run at their full potential. It wasn't something that students were really committed to. Not showing up, being late, not carrying out a task were things that were not out of the norm.
I spent 13 years at this school and am not sure I would attend again if I had the choice. I enjoyed that it was a smaller school. There were under 100 graduating kids in my class of 2013. The school ran off of athletics. That always seemed to be the most important aspect of our education. Everything revolves around sports. No one would take National Honor society or key club seriously. Favorite experiences were homecoming dances, a select few English classes and having work based learning as an option for 6th hour period. The school has a different principal now, so I am sure things are running much differently and more smoothly. There always seemed to be a double standard between students and teachers. It wasn't always the best environment to learn in.
Most teachers were not approachable.

Teachers expecting the students to go above and beyond when the teachers themselves are not always the best demonstrators.

Teachers were for the most part strict and willing to call students out on their behavior.
There are many oppurtunitys, but it is on the student if they want to attend or not.
I like that there is a Key Club availiable.
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Some teachers seem to not understand that not everyone can get the material through their head.
I have gone to this school almost my whole life and I have to say it has its pros and cons. Some of the pros of this school include the athletic programs, the drama program, and a select few teachers and students. Now on to the cons, This school has a percentage of students who are rude and very crude, also some of the teachers honestly don't know how to teach and just give out work sheets, The lunches are less then mediocre, and the heating and air conditioning could really be used once in a while. Would I chose to come to this school again? Yes, because even though it does have its downsides it really has taught me a lot about myself, others, and life.
Bullying in this school happens quiet often. The teachers don't do much unless it gets reported several times.
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