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Ingram Tom Moore High School Reviews

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The faculty and administration are helpful and friendly. They have a thriving spirit for education, plenty of parent envolvment, and and a wide variety of extra curricular activity, from theatre to principles of law there are plenty of choices.
My high school experience has been incredible and it has shaped me in ways I never expected. The only thing I wish would change is the level of difficulty within the classrooms. It is my personal belief that a student of high intelligence needs to be challenged, and it only makes you stronger. That said, I wish that there was more challenges in some areas.
I love this small town school, it's so amazing, and i have been going here since Pre-K i wouldn't trade it for anything!
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The reason why I say Ingram safety is OK is because we do not have a campus police officer we have police officers that will drive around the campus to make sure that everything is OK.Bullying at are school almost obsolete but every now and than a ignorant kid will bully someone but the punishment is the reason why bullying is almost obsolete.
Ingram offers many afterschool activities the thing is that many students do not attend them. Ingrams administration support is very elite and good they always tend to be in the mix of things .
As of right now I would not relive my high school years because I'm barely going to graduate and nothing has really hit such as the problems of finding a job and not being able to hangout with friends all the time. My school is very unique because of the fact that it is a small school and everyone knew each other and they would be able to lift each other because we knew when one of another was feeling down. That easily the main reason why i think my school experience was okay.
My teacher try to be very active with students but some of my teacher could care less what we do because it's are future that we are screwing up.
My school is average. We do not have a security officer but the local police department is close to the school.
It's the only high school I know, so it's ok.
Over all. I like most of my teachers.
This school is the perfect size. Each student is able to try out of every sport. There's plenty of space in scheduling to join a club like FFA and also be in sports, be a dancer, or a cheerleader. The coaching staff are also teachers, so you can get help if needed.
The school facilities are okay but they could be better. They work but they aren't as nice as other schools.
The academics at this school are very good and they get you college ready. They are hard enough for you to learn but not too hard to where you have no idea on what you are doing.
The student body and staff is what makes the school unique. Everyone gets along and we're all supportive of each other. If I had to do my schooling all over again I would chose Ingram again because it is a great place and it allows people to get the education they deserve.
Our teachers are very involved with students and actually worry about the student education. They keep the students involved in their school work and they try and keep their heads focused on their grades so they can go far in their lives.
Our athletic program is very strong. Every student in athletics plays sport and plays it very well. Our school facilities are very nice, some nicer than other. The team performance is a big part of our athletics program. The way our student body sees it, is that no matter what sport you play ranging from football down to golf, each and every student in the athletic program is considered family. We all work together as one and that is including spirit as well, no matter what sport it is, majority of our student body is there cheering an supporting each other the tough times and the best times. Our school sports team stick together as a whole. We see is as Lilo and stitch, "O-hana means family, and family means no one gets left behind."
There are many opportunities for every student to be able to participate in a after school activity. For instance majority of our school participates in an athletic program, but just as many student participate in other organizations such as AG, Key club, Art club and many other organizations. Over half of our school participates in some organization.
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There are different verities of food at school except non of it taste good at all. Majority of the children bring home lunches due to the cafeteria food being gross. That's all there is too say.
The school administration is very trustworthy and helpful which helps student with being able to open up to them, including the schools counselor. The dress code is not as strict as many other schools but it could still be relaxed a bit.

Our school principle is very involved in school activities and he is always there to support the students in any way possible. Our school attendance is very well, hardly any students miss school. Our school is very helpful and safe for anyone.
At Ingram Tom Moore we have a safe and welcoming school. In Ingram everyone is very close and willing to help each other out, the school administration and the student body help each other through many different situations, whether it be school related issues or personal issues, we all have each others back and with that being said, the safety of our school relies on the closeness of each individual. Ingram is a safe pace to be and every one is so caring for each other.

Our school nurse is very helpful and will do anything in her power to get you the help that you are needing. Her office is very clean and comfortable. Overall Ingram is very safe, trustworthy, and clean place to be.
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