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Ingram Sowell Elementary School Reviews

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I am mostly very pleased with Ingram Sowell elementry school the only thing i think could be worked on and probably is a work in progress is the disipline acts that go hamd in hand with bullying
They do a lot with the kids, and a lot of the teachers truly care. But I feel there is too much "roughness" & bullying that goes on either unnoticed or allowed.
They don't do anything about bullying at all and that's why they are going to a different school now. My kids was there for two years and they still haven't done anything. They have had two different principals there in the past two years. I don't care for that school at all
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There were some clubs and activities there. Like drug free club, now they have FCA, girl scouts, cooking club, and the have EDP which is for kids who have parents who work late and a teacher keeps them in there classroom until their parents get there. They get a snack and drink and get to have fun.
I wouldn't say it's bad, but many kids get sick there. Maybe it has gotten better since I've been there.
I miss being there, but I am ready to start my journey into adulthood.
They are very approachable. It is a very wonderful school. I would recommend parents to send their kids to the school.
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