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Ingraham High School was a great experience for me. I did full IB which granted me access to a lot of resources. The school is somewhat segregated between IB and general education which created a rift in the student body. All of my teachers were pretty average and it was easy to get good grades.
Ingraham has a great atmosphere, welcoming to and accepting of everyone for who they are. For the most part, teachers are passionate and willing to help. Academics are great if you are in the International Baccalaureate program, but otherwise there are not a lot of options. While the student population is diverse, the IB program is almost completely white and Asian.
The whole school is centered around IB, if a student had no plans to do IB they have no other options to challenge their education besides running start. IB is good for many students and it heavily prepares children for rigorous college classes but the extra workload that comes with it for many isn't worth the lack of sleep. Many of my first two years of classes were very easy A's that made me feel like I may have not really learned anything substantial. On the other hand, the IB teachers are all pretty amazing in my experience but outside of IB it seemed the standard was low. Diversity in this school is very separated as the majority of students in IB were white while in other classes more diversity occurred. The administration at Ingraham has it's ups and downs. There are many adults available for student help but often times the principle was not very helpful or open to change.
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I liked the IB program, because it helps kids be prepared for college. It offers it a year early (sophomore and junior year), which I thought was a great idea. It gave me more time to focus on college applications senior year instead of being bombarded with homework. The sport teams aren't very good, but being a fan is still fun. The library and the AC are good spots to hang out. Something negative that comes to mind is that IB classes aren't very diverse, with almost everyone being white or Asian.
When I first went to ingraham I didn’t like it at all. But overtime I became happy for the fact I came to ingraham. One issue I had was the lack of information on the ib program, such as the requirements and overall structure of the program.
I had an overall good experience attending Ingraham High School. I think at times too much emphasis is placed on the IB program, and students aren't made aware of other options such as general education classes and Running Start. The school has also gotten a lot less diverse in recent years, which is disheartening.
There are many excellent teachers in this school which make it a great experience. However, one in particular, Ms. Huffer is extremely condescending (and sometimes overtly racist) towards students and she does pick favorites, beware future students.
I have really enjoyed my experience at Ingraham! The opportunities are endless. The school offers a wide variety of courses including the IB diploma.
I love the atmosphere at Ingraham! It is a great school for both general education students and also offers excellent IB and AP courses. The students are great and I would recommend it to anyone.
Very laid-back atmosphere. IB program causes stress among most students and school spirit is lacking.
This school is great. Teachers are very smart and easy to talk to. They all care about you gaining knowledge and about your life beyond high school. I have created some really great relationships with my teachers that helped me to get through high school. Classes are a regular size about 25-30 students I’d say. Every student gets enough attention from the teacher. The environment is very friendly in general and most of the people there are great and easy to talk to. The campus is pretty big too. They have a main basketball court and another gym downstairs that is split in two, so technically three inside gyms. They also have a huge football field, soccer field, baseball field and tennis courts. They have a pool too but it’s not a school property but is right by the school parking lot. The cafeteria food is the only thing that I would change about that school. But overall it’s a great school and very practical.
Going to Ingraham at first was scary as a freshman. But, as the year progressed, managing classes and creating friendships were easy. However, it was very hard to be involved in the school because of the segregation between the IB students/ ASB. Other students were judged and felt uncomfortable because they were stared at.
Best decision I made was to not do the full IB diploma. I’m very happy with the IB classes that I am taking now, and the amount of stress my decision relieved me from.
Ingraham is a great place to learn as an IB or running start student. Everyone is very friendly and open, and the school is very diverse. There is a big social divide in the student population between the general education and IB students, which is the biggest issue the school has.
It is difficult to rate Ingraham because it was a great school if you were an IB student, but less so if you were in the general education. The school's assigned district was already less wealthy than that of its neighbors, and all of the money received was from/used on the IB program and students. For an IB student it was wonderful, but for a student in general education or below it was less that adequate.
Great variety of academic opportunities (AP, IB) which increases college readiness. Nice and supportive atmosphere, a bit lacking in school spirit. Certain sports teams are really good, others not so much but the academics are the focus.
Over all I really enjoy Ingraham. The teachers seem to really care about their students. There is a lot to do and many events throughout the year. However going into my junior year as someone who had been taking honors classes I felt like I was being forced to choose between polar opposites(gen ed and IB). I ended up doing running start which I have enjoyed but I would have liked to spend more time at my high school.
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I feel like Ingraham only values your education if you are an International Baccalaureate (IB) student, as a gen. ed student, I find that classes aren't engaging or interesting, and my teachers are putting more effort into their IB classes than to mine.
Amazing community, wonderful staff, awesome student body! I always feel so connected and involved. There are so many things to do whether that's get involved with a club, sports, or languages. Running start is als oa great program that is offered.
Ingraham is an IB school and that is why a lot of kids go there. However, IB at Ingraham does not help you and is a waste of time. The teachers that teach IB barely help you. No one really goes to clubs and nothing really happens at any of the club's meetings. Nothing really bad or dangerous happens at Ingraham. Some parts of the high school are new and renovated. There will be a new hall being built because more students are coming in.
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