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My main issue with the school was due to administration and their lack of trying to eradicate bullying from the campus. many times i and other students were told that harassment and the bullying was our fault for one reason or another, and that we should respect the bullies right to education rather than cause problems that would reflect badly on the school. Some teachers would openly refuse to help fight bullying if the bully was an athlete for the school, and much of the financial help that goes to the school never sees some of the classrooms that desperately need a higher budget to work at its full potential for the students. Some of the teachers were amazing, however, and made the entire experience worth it. The teachers that cared for each and every student and tried their hardest to make every day the best it could be are the teachers i will always be thankful for.
Ingomar was a very good school to go to duty to its student teacher ratio. I enjoyed my time there, but I do wish they had more work study choices. I also wish they encouraged other things such as the arts instead of athletics.
Ingomar is such an amazing school. The quality is always great there. The faculties and staff are great.
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Overall, good curriculum. Need more classes to choose from, like advanced Math and Science classes. Need to be more in touch with technology, because the school is severely behind in that deparyment. School funds should go towards textbooks, rather than redoing the gym floor every other year as well.
I love my girls school. I do wish they be a little more in tune with non medicated ways to teach children with learning disabilities but we are a small school.
the School is a family based school everyone is a family
the teachers are very student based
Only part i regret is not having more curriculum offered so my college choice would have been better suited
Don't know of any situations directly regarding bullying here.
Really could use more extracurricular activities for students to broaden their horizon and offer more on same level as larger city schools.
No uniforms required. Versatile yet stern
I enjoy the food. We have good options.
If we had the money we could make several improvements, but no one seems to be complaining.

Ingomar is very unique. We are very southern and very traditional. We are a bitg family and we love each other. I love my school very much. It is very small and everybody knows everybody. Every day is a party! I would come back to my school any day.
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