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Teachers genuinely care about students. The students are friendly. There are Honors and AP courses along with regular classes. The counselors are very kind and don’t mind taking questions or helping students with their classes. They make sure that students are made aware of important dates (PSAT,SAT,ACT,etc.). They hold workshops to help students apply for college and to answer any questions that they have about important documents.
When I first started, there was a lot of gang activity, but that has declined drastically. Though, a lot of people still believe that Inglewood high is a bad school and that there’s nothing but fights all the time. It has really calmed down a lot.
The surrounding area of the school is filled with shops and restaurants, so it has a lot of good places to hangout at after school. Transportation is relatively easy, given that there is a bus stop right across the street from the school on Manchester.
The thing I like about Inglewood high is the activities, sports, and college readiness. The counselor care the most.
What I liked about my high school is the teachers who helped you under any circumstances and something I would like to see change is better lunch,replace old teachers with new ones, and better equipment for teachers/students.
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I’m going to be a senior this year. The school is average but I feel like there’s a few teachers that put in so much effort to their jobs. Most teachers are lazy and don’t care and also I feel like there’s not a lot of school spirit here so it also doesn’t give kids the motivation to be happy to be at IHS
I like the many activities and diverse student groups on campus. Improvements that can be made, include the old facilities and grounds.
My experience at Inglewood High was a ride. It taught me the value of success and what it really means to be successful. One of the things that I feel should change is that more parents should be involved in their children’s lives while they are on their journey through High School.
I enjoy the atmosphere and the people, but overall it is an underfunded school. The academic aspects of my experience so far is very poor.
I have been going to Inglewood High School since the 9th grade,now im junior who's about to be senior pretty soon. My experience of Inglewood High is that it calm most of time and very work oriented.
I graduated from this high school. During the time there was no stability at the time. It was a great school just bad staff or wrong timing.
Its a great school in all needs some improvements especially on the availability of AP classes and all other school resources.
Inglewood high is a ok school there are certain teacher that are there for you and will help you at anytime and there are other that will never help you and just pass you on or just fail you for no reason
My experience at Inglewood High School was great overall. I consider it to have made me a better person because the teachers were very great at teaching, advising, and counseling. It was a very fun experience. We went to a lot of field trips, and I played basketball and soccer during my time there. If I was given an opportunity to change anything about my experience there, I wouldn't because the experience made me who I am today!
It very unorganized they tell student/parents thing at the last minute but they are some teachers that really care for us
It was average because I learned what I needed to learn in order to graduate highschool. It wasn't qualified as very good because when it came time to apply to college I was very unaware of the process and I had help from a friend that didn't go to my school. I wouldve wished I had classes to show me how to apply to college and apply for fafsa and other scholarships and also more college Speaker and more options.
So far there have been reported fights but I have yet to personally see. Its a decent school but ive met great people so far.
I love Inglewood High School because of the close knit family relationship that we have being from a community that is typically looked down upon. Something I'd like to see change at Inglewood High School is more student empowerment. Make the students confident, get them involved, get more to college.
The school it self is old but from my perspective I feel just because it looks bad it doesn't mean that the education is bad I learned so much in this school.
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Inglewood is a very odd school. I started off not really enjoying it because of the students. It was not really enforced for students to behave well and people were disruptive during class. Sometimes you'll get unlucky and get classes with just subs all semester or even the whole year. But I have had some great teachers who can understand where I come from and do their best to help. There's teachers here who genuinely want you to pass and offer you a lot of support/tutoring. Some students are very helpful and even tell you which teachers to avoid and which to take. Overall, Inglewood high is okay. I do like it here but the school needs to enforce better behavior more and stop letting go of the teachers who actually help our experience at Inglewood high stay positive.
Inglewood High school in the heart of LA County, has average ratings across the board. Cleanliness, equipment quality, and parking were all average for a down town area. It's location is superb however, being directly adjacent from city hall and a small Park.
Inglewood High School overall has been a good experience. Most of the students and teachers lack school spirit. A few of the teachers while great individuals lack the proper abilities to teach or control the class. The school is unorganized and needs maintenance. Though it has its flaws, not everything is terrible. There is a lot of diversity on campus. I have made great friends who have been with me since freshmen year and some lonher than that. I have also befriended a lot of great teachers who have helped me a long the way.
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