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The Ingleside High School is an ok school its not the best when it comes to sports, or being prepared for college.
I'd like to see a change in admin, teachers, more diversity and to be better prepared for college. Ingleside High School lacks poorly in these areas.
I like Ingleside because its a small everyone knows everyone. We had a new sports complex built this year so i got some use of it. they are getting a new high school but unfortunately it will be ready next year. The teachers and staff were great.
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Ingleside High School offers a fairly welcoming environment and friendly teachers, but it is quite obvious that it lacks the funds to maintain the campus as well as it should. It is not uncommon for drinking fountains or bathrooms to be out of service, and the school has a very rundown look. There are not many clubs or activities available to the students, but in the past couple of years, more have been introduced. Overall, I feel Ingleside High Schools is merely average.
My teachers are very involved in wanting us to succeed. Our athletic program is mainly focused on the football program. The other sports and girls program take a second to that. The AD is there for his coaches and not the students.
I liked how they enforced important rules and made everyone feel welcome. Something I would of liked to see change would be the rules that were unnecessarily strict.
I have gone to Ingleside High School for 4 years and I've loved every second of it! I've been involved in sports and athletics and in those 4 years, my class and the classes before and after me have become my best friends. We are all a very close-knit school, we always support each other! My experience at Ingleside HIgh School will be one to remember and I'll never forget the experiences I have had here!
Although Ingleside High School isn't the largest or most well-funded, it is filled with teachers and supervisors who strive to see you succeed. During my attendance, I was inspired to always go further with my work and to think critically when approaching any problem. These people genuinely care about you.
I got a good education, but there are things that should be smoothed out. The school invested in a set of new tablets for all students and teachers, then bought a new set of Chromebooks when that didn't work, and is now building a new campus, all while using textbooks that are 10 years outdated.
My overall experience has been extremely memorable. If I had to change one thing it would be the safety, anyone can walk on and off campus without anyone finding out. A second thing would be the facilities we have. Apart from those things however I believe we're a great district.
My experience at Ingleside High School has been interesting. While about half the teachers could care less, there are quite a few who take the time to get to know you as well as help. The student body is immature overall, but they're teenagers. IHS is trying to adapt to a more open minded way of thinking, but so far it's not working.
At my school, I feel very safe, and the nurse and staff do a very good job to ensure the safety of everyone. The nurse tends to people who need it with no question. Bullying is a huge problem in our school and is very prominent. A lot of the bullying that goes on does NOT get reported, but when it does proper action isn't always taken and is brushed off by some teachers. However, the principals and assistant principal have zero tolerance for bullying and I feel comfortable knowing that I can talk to them if there is a problem. I do feel like there should be more security, because in the event of a someone having a gun on campus, we would be caught off guard. There are security gates, cameras, and front doors, but I feel that if we had metal detectors, a lot of potential dangerous situations could be handles effectively. It would also be nice to have a security guard.
There are different extracurricular opportunities at this school such as the Athletic program, One Act Play, ROTC, Color/Winter Guard, and UIL Academics, but I think that the one thing that sets us apart from other schools is our SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) organization. The most popular choice though is Athletics, and from personal experience, the quality of the program is not the best. There is a good competition level, but sometimes it goes too far and a lot of the time, teammates talk bad about each other. I feel that the school does not adequately value Theatre and all the work that goes into it, and as a result, our One Act Play program is one of the least, if not, THE least talked about activity within the school, and overall interest in it in a school-wide level is seriously lacking. I wish that Choir and Soccer was offered.
It is my junior year at this school, and I wouldn't have asked to attend any other school. My favorite experiences have been with the organization "Students Against Destructive Decisions". In the organization, we do a lot of work in our own community to make it a better place to live for everyone in it by speaking up against bullying, drugs, and alcohol. With this organization, I have been able to speak to other schools about the dangers of these things, and the best feeling in the world is having students from other schools approach me and tell me that I have helped them and touched their life. What makes this school unique is how professional we are when it comes to extracurricular activities. Other schools can be a bit cynical and cunning when competing, and often talk bad about us or to us, but we keep our composure and kill them with kindness. I would choose this school again a million times over because I have made so many amazing memories with so many different people that will last a lifetime, and when I look back on my high school career, I will only see happy moments, and I will only remember good people.
The quality of teachers here at Ingleside High School is excellent. They all genuinely love what they do and care about the well-being and education of the entire student body. The teaching style for the most part is very hands on and efficient, and a lot of the time very simple. In my experience, the teachers all know what they are talking about when they are teaching the classroom, and leave very little room for error. The interest shown in students' dreams for the future, goals, hopes, and lives is extraordinary. They keep personal bonds with us, and they are people for us to look up to, and even after graduation, there is still a very strong connection. There are those that have favorites, but those kind of teachers are thankfully very few. Communication though is a problem. There are quite a few teachers who just stand up and give a lesson at the beginning of class, and then just sit at their desk quietly for the remainder of the class period, leaving us scrambling for instruction. Other teachers however communicate with us very well and make it clear what is expected of us on a day to day basis. The biggest problem is grading papers on time. Approximately 40% of the teachers wait until the very last day to update grades, and because of that, the principals now have a new policy that states that no work from the first three weeks of a six weeks can be accepted during the second three weeks of a six weeks in an attempt to push teachers to stay up to date on grades. It's especially concerning when my parents are constantly keeping up with my grades and I have something marked as "Missing" or "Not Yet Graded" three weeks after I turn something in, and I almost end up failing for the six weeks. In conclusion, the teachers at Ingleside High School have some things that need to be worked on, but they are very worthy of their jobs and show great pride in their profession.
Extracurricular activities at this school are a joke.
This school helped me get into depression and eventually unsuccessfully attempting suicide.
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There are only a few outstanding teacher but for the rest they only care when they want to.
The school is very clean and very presentable.
More that half of the students at Ingleside High School participates in extracurricular.
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