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Tremendous academic opportunities, as well as a wonderful variety of intense extracurricular activities. Competitive environment, especially in IB, but in a negative sense. Students are intelligent and care for their peers.
Inglemoor trains you for the skills you need in your higher education, not just academically. They have a wide range of extracurricular activities that appeal to many. Inglemoor excels in the sciences and arts. The community is welcoming and friendly, the staff is experienced and caring. My experience at Inglemoor High School was truly unforgettable.
I like the school diversity and the challenging classes they have that prepare you for college. How ever the school campus and facilities are very old and in poor condition
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Inglemoor High School is a school with admittedly many good resources, and the staff and administration are constantly working to improve school experience and prepare its student body for college readiness. However, what’s on the postcard isn’t the reality. Inglemoor High School is underfunded, underemployed, and over-crowded. Inglemoor High School is poorly built. Inglemoor needs an upgrade to an all-indoor system. During the school year, the grounds are constantly covered in trash. The school’s few janitors already have their hands full with maintaining the campus. The average class size at Inglemoor High is thirty (30) students to a teacher. The quick students are left to their own devices, the unruly students steal most of the teacher’s attention, and a diffficult-to-impossible learning environment for the students that struggle with learning. There is no way in hell that any student can thrive in that situation. It’s a waste of potential.
The high school experience has been average so far, not too bad, but also not spectacular. Students here are real friendly and accepting, mostly we all stay in little friend groups but there's no need to be afraid of talking out of your comfort zone. Most the teachers are understanding and actually teach something that sticks in your brain. There are of course strict teachers regarding assignment turn in dates, other than that they are alright. I'd say that the lack of bathrooms is a definite problem, also it is an outside school in Washington which is really inconvenient since the weather is always wacky. So please renovate soon. There should also be a class level between regular and Pre-IB/IB because the regular can be a bit too s l o w, and getting into a Pre-IB class sometimes requires you to have prerequisites and actual IB doesn't start till Junior, Senior. Overall this is an okay to decent school, also just based on your experience here.
Overall, I've had a great experience at Inglemoor High School. The teachers really care about your success there and they are all extremely supportive of you if you have questions or are struggling with the content. All of the teachers' goals revolve around helping you become the best student you can and they're always willing to work with you outside of office hours. If I had to find one point of criticism, it would be that the counseling center is severely understaffed. We only have 4 counselors for around 1,800 schools, so even though these counselors are wonderful and are working their hardest, there simply isn't enough of them to get to know your counselor on a personal level.
I enjoyed my experience at Inglemoor High School very much. I was involved in sports and felt like it was above average in many areas. The classes and teachers were excellent because the teachers really made sure that you were reaching your full potential. I think that they are a very well rounded school with many students who are able to learn and grow successfully.
The overall Inglemoor High School experience is pretty good. Most teachers and staff are very nice and work hard in their position. Although there might be a few not so great teachers the programs in the high school, such as sports, DECA and music create a bond between the students. To add on, the IB program is really great for students to prepare them for college. This school welcomes everyone and shows that students can pursue what they work for.
Inglemoor is great. Teachers will always make time to help you when they can, or schedule a time that will work better for you. The food is good, and fun student clubs to be part of, and by the students .
Pros: Excellent IB Program. Teachers do care about you and your grades. Excellent facilities and they even have a planetarium thing.

Cons: In non-AP/IB classes, teachers don't seem to care about you at all. All they care about is your passing the class and graduating high school.
I love Inglewood High school , it is one of the best schools in my district. The teachers and administration work for the students and the well-being of the whole institution and it’s partcipants. The academics make the students to give their best and it is approached with excellence as well as , all rules are for the good of the students and are followed.
Teachers were amazing, especially those who taught AP. If it was not for them I would not have stayed all three years. Unfortunately our administration was awful, very incompetent in my opinion. I also feel there was way too much emphasis on IB and not enough on AP.
Inglemoor is a fairly solid school. They are normal in most aspects, but my biggest problem is that it is an IB school, and does not offer AP courses I wanted to take. I did not want to be a part of the IB program, but the school forces it upon you and wants you to do it every chance it gets. I wish the school was more academically diverse.
The facilities are worn and crowding is problematic. The IB program pulls too many students from other districts to the school and contributes to the campus being crowded. Most teachers care about the students and academically the school provides opportunities to all students to excel.
Inglemoor High School is a college prep school as it has the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme as well as the Advances Placement program. Throughout my high school career, I learned many life lessons and those of which would not have been possible without the amazing teachers I was provided with. Inglemoor High School also supported a program called running start where students would be able to enroll at nearby community colleges and take prerequisite courses aligning with the high school's courses. The opportunity of enrolling in community college courses during my senior year of high school helped me to become prepared and understand the rigor and expectations required in college.
I am a part of the IB program at Inglemoor high school and I love the challenging nature of it. However, I think there's a very huge divide between students who take advanced or IB classes and students who stick with the regular curriculum. Also, some of the teachers at this school aren't the best at explaining material or concepts in class, but you can really tell they enjoy what they do.
Inglemoor has an underwhelming campus, and even in IB rather mediocre academics. However, most of the teachers are very competent, friendly, and knowledgeable.
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Inglemoor High School has an excellent IB and AP Program as well as many extracurricular activities to participate in. The teachers genuinely care about their classes and students. The music program is outstanding, especially the Inglemoor Marching Band.
Inglemoor is a public high school that has a variety of people and different programs for any interests. The teachers are knowledgeable and helpful. The clubs available to the students are enjoyable and give them an opportunity to choose.
Inglemoor has provided me with many opportunities through different academics provided. They have IB and AP classes available as well as running start and WANIC programs. The only thing about the school that I really wish was different is the campus. It is an outdoor campus in a state that rains more often that not.
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