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Ingalls Middle/High School Reviews

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You get a one-on-one experience with the teachers when receiving more help. Small classes which means you get to know everyone and you don't get left behind. During high school though, they do not provide the students with laptops but I think they are making that change next year.
Ingalls has some really good teacher and staff. The secretary is always there for us and the teachers come up new inventive ways to teach us. I have had a lot of support from everyone there when I needed it the most.
We have quite a few science and social studies classes as well as some extra math classes.
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Our extracurricular activities include KAYs, I-Club, and different sports.
Although I haven't always gotten along with everyone, my experience at this school is great because of how small we are making us a family.
We have newsletter, and webpage. There are many science courses available; biology, marine biology, earth and space, and a&p. There are many social study classes; geography, world history, us history, and government.
We have a KAY club
The teachers do their best to understand each student individually and know them on a personal level.
Being at Ingall's is an enjoyable experience. All of the teachers are very welcoming and they all know your family and try to have a good relationship with each student. The school is unique because everyone knows everyone, because it is a small school, we all work together. I would choose this school again because i feel like the student and teacher ratio is 1:1.
Most teachers here make sure they have a good relationship with all of the students, they all make conversations with the students, even if they arent in their class. All teachers here are easy to talk to.
The administration at my highschool is sometimes really good but sometimes really bad. My principal can be a pushover and he lets certain kids get away with things, especially if that certain kid is heavily involed in sports or is a teachers kid. My counseler is very helpful and does the best she can. The office staff is also extremely great. As to how the administration handles things like dress code, attendance, or any controversial topic, the answer is simple: if a student is an asset to a sports team or a teachers kid, he or she can get away with just about anything. If you're not a teachers kid or a sports star, they'll be very strict.
It's not to bad just I don't think the importance is quiet put out their.

Since our school is so small none of this really happens and if it does it is managed properly.
I really wouldn't know about this because I don't do sports.
I wish it were more challenging. The selections of classes is poor and not very many. Also the food is rather appalling and I hardly eat lunch at school I bring my own.
I went to a very small school. Ingalls High School could be considered a very tight-knit environment. The teachers always ask how our day is going, they are considerate of certain situations, and they communicate how they run their classroom and what is expected in that class. Most of the teachers have been teaching there for 10 years or more. There have been new additions to the teaching staff, however. It seems that students gravitate towards those classes just to be introduced to a new experience. However, the teachers who have been there the longest, I feel, are more capable of being a "teacher". They will hold a conversation and are very friendly, but unlike the newer teacher, they understand that they are not there to be your friends. Overall, the teaching staff at Ingalls is very satisfactory.
The extracurricular activities at Ingalls High School are very good. There isn't much variation, however, since they are your standard activ
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