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The teachers are really committed to helping you learn. Especially if you are in a CTE Academy, your teacher stays with you from sophomore through senior year so it feels like your peers are your second family and your teacher is your school parent. There are many sports such as basketball, baseball, volleyball, track and field, and even fencing. We also have many events and activites happen in the school like cook-offs, henna tattoos and gay pride day. One thing that could have used improvement were the cleanliness of the bathrooms but after the first two years of being in the school that issue had already been resolved. There really is not a boring day in this school and I'm always excited to come and see my friends and teachers.
There are alot of clubs and acitivities so you can get involved. Also, there are alot of helpful staff!
Information technology high school has one of the best teachers student could ask for. Teachers are there to help you get the best grades you could. all you have to do is put effort into it. Something I would like to see change in information technology high school is student encouragement. Meaning like students getting the help they need to start coming to class and not everywhere else besides being in class.
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Very small school but the staff and the teachers are great. The teachers are very nice and always want to help you. The school also offers CTE classes along with many AP classes to choose from.
Information Technology High School is a good school to get ready for college, as you learn to become more independent and work more to better yourself to succeed in college.
It’s a very nice school. The teachers are nice, and it’s a very good environment. There is really nothing I would want to change about that school. I would like to see the school get more fundings to get better equippement for the students.
As the name tells you. This high school provides IT programs. Currently we have two, Web design and Video production. There have been talks about adding new program like per-engineering but I'm not sure. Honestly, when I was in freshmen year, I thought the school was bad and was thinking about transferring. I don't know why I stayed but I'm glad I did. Over the three years the school changed significantly. Mind you the school is fairly new, like 10-11 years old. I kind of envy the coming freshmen as they have more things than I didn't have.
Information technology has come a long way since I was a freshman, They have increased the number of AP classes and got some really good teachers. Overall I had a good experience however the school is not very clear to freshman with it's CTE program which I learned the hard way because my CTE program, Apple, was cut. This is and the national honor society are many of the cons of this school because the national honor society was really a big mess and very few people are graduating with NHS. The friends you make here however will be in everyone of your good memories when you look back through your time at this school so I do recommend you give it a chance.
A small school, but a very friendly environment.

Although some few teachers are not that good at teaching and are really mean, most of them are very nice and caring. Some teachers really want the best for their students.

The whole school is very diversed. Most students are very nice. I have not experience or seen any serious bullying or fighting for the last 4 years.

The restrooms are very not clean.

The CTE program is just amazing. Whether it is Web Design or Video Production, students have the oppotunity to learn skills that can get them a real job and the school actually help every student in this program to get paid internships. I am currently in my second internship already.
Actually I know nothing about it. In my point of view it is one of the best schools in Ney York City. I really want to study and work in this city. Also I want to make a lot of friends.
It is a pretty nice school with excellent teachers and some respectful students and staff. That would help you get in good colleges and prepare as well. The school has lots of clubs that you join for girls and boys. Also teachers are nice and respectful.
Information Technology High School changed my entire high school career and outlook on life because all i needed was that change of surroundings and scenery. the students at that school awarded me with that; the students in my graduating class are not who i expected and i'm grateful that everyone there is different in their own way.
Information technology high school is not the best school in the city I will admit and there are many distractions such as drugs gangs and there influences but if you manage to avoid them and listen to your teacher and actually pay attention in class it's a great school most kids are tightly knit together and it's a school where if you want to go unnoticed you can but if you want to know every one you can this environment allows kids to thrive and gain knowledge that other kids may not have because in college the distractions and bad influences will only get stronger and at info tech you get steet smart as well as book smart
Excellent school. Wonderful teachers who encourage students to achieve their highest potential. Great technology program and video production here. Prepares students for college and careers in the video/ technology industry. Talented Band and lots of sports clubs at this school. Great staff and PTA who provide a safe environment for all kids.
My experience in Information Technology High School wasn't the greatest and neither the worst. I've been attending this high school for three years now and to sum most it up is I'm comfortable here. I've made great friends, met amazing teachers who have pushed me to higher levels and learned yet more on subjects I expected less off. I have great relationships with faculty here and everyone is treated with upmost respect and equality. This is a small school that is yet developing, but based on the limitations this school has budget-wise, I know there can be so much more added here. I honestly enjoy being here, I feel at home with people who aren't crazy, fight-picking nor reckless. Maybe it's not a specialized high school or any top high school in the 30 district, but I really like how this school is growing and becoming better day by day. I feel the positive vibes in the atmosphere here.
People in this school can sometimes be closed-minded. Otherwise, the student body is receptive to what is being taught
The student body is not that diverse. A heavy influx of certain races. Students are okay and student life can be a bit daunting at times but enjoyable overall
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There should be more clubs. I belonged to a club (Tech Squad) and it was pretty alright. I enjoyed my time at the school but the extracurriculars were a bit lacking
Honestly, some parents at this school care too much. A kid needs their space to adult. The PTA is not really involved in the politics at this school.
Teachers are pretty cool. A few bad eggs to watch out for otherwise it is actually a pretty good school. Some of the students can be pricks which is to be expected. The school could do more extracurricular activities to get the student body involved.
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