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Information Technology & Software Engineering at the Fairchild Wheeler Campus Reviews

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What I like about Fairchild wheeler is that is really different academically to the other schools in Bridgeport. They have it set up so the students can really be engaged and creative in their classes. Unfortunately what I would like to see change in Fairchild is some of the teachers attitudes towards the students you can tell the teachers who really care and the ones that just want their money's worth.
I have attended Fairchild Wheeler for my four years of High School. The curriculum can be challenging but, rewarding. I was exposed to many topics about engineering that I would not have been exposed to in other schools.
I absolutely love how hands-on the classes are! Teachers are constantly changing their delivery of the content to keep up with the current technology. They also always have the students' interest in mind when constructing their lessons. This school has always valued and praised students who are reach and go above the expectations. The only thing to say would be that
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I overall like Fairchild wheeler. You are able to chose a field you are interested in and experience it before the college process to see whether you like it or not. The school has alot of resources but not all students have access to them. Junior year is when you start getting permission to take specialty course classes. The first two years are like any other school. Fairchild does not have any sports or and real sense of school spirit. There is no attachment or pride that comes with attendance. However it is a very diverse campus with a healthy variety of people. Teachers at Fairchild are relatively young. This makes classes exciting and it's easy to relate with the teachers. Unfortunately cost of living in Connecticut is high and bridgeport edu salaries are low so most of the teachers leave after 1 - 2 years of teaching.
My experience was really bad in the beginning. This of course was because the resources provided to other Connecticut district schools were not set in place for a newly built school. The library wasn't available, the gym wasn't being used, along with academic advising and students having to take buses after school to play sports for other established high schools in the area. As an incoming freshman my high school experience wasn't that good yet as the years progressed the academic advising and resources became more available for the incoming freshman. Honestly, the academic strength of this school was very well pushed and the strive to be challenged was thrilling. I appreciate the effort many teachers made to push the students along with myself, to seek help and adjust to challenging elective based school.
The teachers were pretty good and so were the classes themselves. My classmates were good people, but the administration behind the school needs to be worked on
This School is very good. This campus prepares students for the whole college experience by introducing challenging courses from the start of high school.
This is probably one of the best High School campuses I have/will ever see.
However, in terms of the specialized classes that the school promises, I was disappointed. Most of those classes are taught by teachers who are not familiar with that field, thus providing somewhat shoddy day-to-day lessons. They explain that the classes are geared more towards self-motivated exploration, but that provides little reason to ever be in the classroom.
General classes tend to be much better; this school has a plethora of kind and bubbly teachers who all try their best to eke out the best you, not just in terms of their classwork. Some teachers may be harder on you than others, but it is always in their students' best interests.
The school has a gargantuan amount of resources and most aren't really made aware to students. However, if you go search for help, almost everything you could ask for as a student is there for you.
An excellent school that provides rigorous coursework. The academic drive is mainly focused on stem subjects. The building is beautiful and teachers very dedicated. This school has made me a better person.
It is fine but there should be less focus on dress code and more on academics. The teachers are fine and there is a ton of diversity. The school is also very safe thanks to the security guards and metal detectors.
It is a fine school I had a great experience with the teachers who all helped me with my grades and preparing for college.
I loved attending Fairchild, obviously there are some things that need to be changed. However, it is still a new school and some things just haven't fallen into place yet. I believe that this is a great school for those that take the opportunity's they are given.
The Information Technology & Software Engineering at the Fairchild Wheeler Campus was a great school. It provided me with ample opportunities to take courses for college credit, in order to lower the workload in college. Given that this was my primary focus in High School, it's easy to see why I would like the school as much as I did. As with everything, however, there are drawbacks. "Normal" level courses are incredibly easy, as there is such a diverse crowd of students coming from all different towns in the state. This creates an almost immediate imbalance of learning, where the students who already passed the learning cirriclium in their prior schools were expected to wait until others caught up.
The campus has a lot of good technology. Teachers are great and work well with the students. There are a lot of good opportunities to get college credits and be prepared for college.
At Fairchild Wheeler, I had an average experience during my 4 years of attendance. Although I benefitted from the academics, I always felt that I could learn more from the faculty. I felt that our school lacked in culture and team spirit due to the fact that we did not participate in athletics or sporting events. Even though our NHS team would host events throughout the school year, I never felt that our school had a community within. hope to see more events in NHS or sports involvement within our school in the future. By these improvements, I believe we can make a strong community within the Fairchild Wheeler campus.
Terrible Administration, security not the best, school worries more about students hoodies than their actual education and safety.Lack of staff ,principles and administrators have to help check bags in the mornings because there isn't enough security staff to do so.
For my entire high school career, I have dedicated my studies to the field of information technology. I have found that the classes I have taken within computer science have been extremely refreshing due to the advanced and eye-opening lessons they have taught me.
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It gives you very good insight on programming and the process, with excellent materials involved. If you are planning to have a job that includes computers and technical process i would very much enjoy spending time learning in this school.
Fairchild wheeler (I.T) is a great school to gain exposure in the informational technology fields they offer a range of different classes that you get to experience to see if that field is a true fit for you, the problem is the teachers who are teaching these classes most of them are unqualified for and are basically thrown into the classes with basically a book and a google doc to work from and guide them, with time these teachers began to learn more as they grow with the subject and continue to teach the subject. The administration is more concerned about the dress code than your academics which needs to be improved. This school has no school spirit WHAT-SO-EVER so freshman year it may seem really cool and interesting but by the time you get to your junior year it becomes very dull and more like a job than a place to engage in your learning ,senior year youll be completely over the school and ready to graduate.
This high school gives you every opportunity to strive and achieve as much as you can before college. But one thing I would change is the college application process. There are only 3 college counselors for over 1500 students it's hard for them to keep track. Other wise it is a wonder full school and provides great education.
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