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Infinity Math, Science & Technology High School Reviews

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It was good but there was a lot of laziness by security that made me worry sometimes. Other than that the teachers and the staff were great in being there for whatever the students needed help with even if it was personal stuff that isn't related to school. I thought that was pretty cool.
Infinity is a well organized high school, teaches students so much about the real world outside of school. Motivates each and one of the students.
It overall helps you to be more involved with the community and everyone is invested in your future. However, some of the staff I felt was not qualified and most of my classes I came to see later did not challenge me.
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The thing I like most about Infinity is perhaps the diversity of classes. The students are not asked to choose from 2-3 classes we get a variety to choose from. I would like to see more parents involved but many parents work in order to get their kids to go to college. I would like there to be more sports, I mean we have the space but don't have faculty that would be willing to make a new sport.
The teachers are really hands on with the students but at the same time they know when to let students be independent. The students are willing to help others with no issues and are more than willing to help teachers with anything. Their clubs and sports are okay but they can use variety especially for freshman.
I like that there are 3 schools connected to ours and I would like to disconnect the schools. Also we have 2 gyms and 1 pool and also we share both gyms and the pool. The good thing is that we get the most funding out of all 4 schools there.
Though teachers and staff do the most that they can sometimes it can be bare minimum but often times encourage their students. Student motivation is low amongst most of the student body, even in AP or Honors classes motivation is low.
I came to Infinity High School second semester of my freshman year. In fear with a new diversity of the school, I was surprised on how easily I made friends. My freshman English teacher was one of my first friends out of the many teachers I am very close with. She made me feel safe and welcomed to an amazing school I attend to now. I am glad I made the choice to come because if I didn't, I would have missed many opportunities this school offers me now.
I liked the fact that this high school is small and all the teachers know your name. It is good if you like that one on one connection.
My experience at Infinity High School has been amazing. All of the teachers are really caring. The staff is very supportive and outgoing.
My experience with the school is really great it gave off a great environment towards the students and was very involved with advancing the education of students. One thing that I would like to see change is the diversity of the school as it is now it is primarily Latino I would like to see a change in where more types of youth get to interact with different nationalities.
Infinity High school is a school that is very focused on education. This may be a bad thing or a good thing depending on who you are. They push the students to do their best although at times they maye be pushing a little too hard, it's as if the teachers forget that the students have more than one class sometimes. Many students feel overwhelmed by their classes right now which is terrible yet fantastic because it makes them more excited for the year to end. The teachers can have an awesome relationship with the students which comes in handy when you need help with college or something of that sort. There's pretty much someone always there for you when you need it. There's also a free legal clinic on campus that can help your family out whenever theyou have legal problems. There's a variety of clubs you could join such as volleyball, soccer, student voice committee, wrestling, design club etc. The food is pretty bad so I suggest you bring your own.
The teachers here are very supportive of us students. There isn't bullying that I've seen and I feel really safe. Overall it's a really good school.
I'm sorry but majority of the responses on this page are complete lies. The school is not in the "best area" what so ever. It has no school spirit or very good sports teams. The teachers are terrible they baby the students instead of preparing them for college. The only real positive thing about it is that they push their students to apply to college and that's about it.
The teachera from Infinity Math Science and Technology High School always focus on their students and help them when they do not understand a subject. They always encourage students to get involved in clubs, sports etc. They always worry about their students and encourage them to do better in school.
Security is enforced in our school, each and every student goes through the metal detectors and bags are checked. Any visitors have to sign in even if it is to drop off some food. Security and the police are there in the morning and afterschool to check for the safety of the students.
I think there can be more extracurricular opportunities at Infinity but I think it all starts with a student who is determined to start a club and manage for other classmates to join. I think it will be better if there was more variety of extracurricular activities.
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I have experienced many things in these past years at Infinity, there had definitely been a lot of moments that I truly won't forget, it had honestly made my high school experience much better. I have participated in many extra curricular activities and it has lead me to being the captain of most, I think it just takes hard work to achieve your goals. My grades have been excellent, I am proud to say that I have been Top 5 over my whole class. I has been an amazing experience and when I graduate I plan to give back.
The teachers at my school I would classify them as different, they all have different methods of teaching. All the teachers help student succeed in a class, they help develop new ideas in a classroom in which it engages a student to the new experience in a classroom. The teachers go above and beyond in the classrooms, they manage to stay afterschool and work during lunch with students who are struggling during class. Some teachers also give the opportunity to students to show other fellow classmates how they understood the classwork creating a clear environment in class.
Everything is well put together safe zone
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