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They undeniably hold up to academic standards, offering their students the best and ensuring that they are prepared for college. This is currently the second best high school in the city and cannot be shunned for having up to date technology and resources for students. Moreover the school possess a diverse student body and acknowledged such through multiple assemblies on an annual basis. The school is EXTREMELY involved in the community and offered a lot of volunteering opportunities for all students. Now i must say, the food that is fed to the students is really bad. moreover, they have a very limited spectrum of school clubs, partially because of the small student body. Additionally, because the school is fairly recent, they have no sport and students have to travel to their home public high schools in order to play sports.
I am a sophomore at Infinity Institute which is a high-school/middle-school. It is overall a very academic school with very smart and friendly peers surrounding you. We grow off of one another, helping each other in the process of doing so. What I would like to see in the future is the expansion of sports and after-school programs.
Every class is an Honors class, so it was always challenging and engaging. Infinity Institute is on par with McNair High School, the only thing is that it's pretty new still. The teachers are friendly and care about us, and the school is pretty small so we know each other more and every student is taken care of individually by the teachers.
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The school has some great teachers while some others completely miss the mark. However the teachers dedicated to education truly make a difference in the lives of their students.
The last three years of my high school life have been very experimental and it gave me an opportunity to experience another way of life through many different types of people and various working environments.
Best school ever! I rate this a 5-star because:

One, Infinity Institute gave me a big opportunity to get into the best Ivy-league colleges after my senior year.

Two, there might be a 98% chance I might enter in either a High Honors, Honors, or an AP class.

Three, since me and three of my besties are going to the same school next year, there is ALSO an opportunity we might enter to Harvard, Columbia, Yale, or Princeton University! Together!

All I could say is that this school is one of the top best schools in Jersey City AND New Jersey! :)
The administration treats you like a middle schooler, which Infinity does have. The math department is excellent however this school does provide any types of opportunities and preparation for college
I wish that there would be more involvement with all of the students, in each and every grade, and less focus on certain grade levels. I also would like to see more programs that interest the majority of the students, rather than small portions.
Can't say that it's a breeze to get buy, but most teachers will present tests and quizzes without teaching the prior information presented on said tests and quizzes
The food here is practically disgusting, I have a picture of a mouse caught in a glue trap right beside my locker. The health teacher cut out all good and necessary foods of the school. This cut fundraising for things like bake sales and candy shops. This also cut the side shop in the cafeteria where people could buy food other than the rubbish that was served. The nurse does a well job at taking care of their students. Students do not even bother to eat at school, because the lunch is disgusting and there are no other options to choose from
Only few select clubs are good, and the ones that are good do not last long. We had drone club for a good month, but it was cut due to lack of funding for the teachers participating in it
The school is very small, even when it is a highschool mixed in with a middle school. The staff are very strict, with harsh consequences being implemented for nearly every minor infraction. For instance, if a student forgets to wear their student ID, they will be struck with a Saturday detention, also for wearing a sweater that is colored other than black or white. This restricts students harshly, and there is not much that this school gives back for their students. All fundraisers done do not go towards the students. We were promised sports equipment 3 years ago, but that never happened and we are the only high school in Jersey City without a sports team.
A few cherry picked teachers, mostly the math department, are the ones that genuinely care about their students and what they learn. All teachers one way or another incorporate technology into class with smartboards, laptops, and websites that assist the teacher with teaching the class. The physical education department is not great at all, because students do not learn much when the teacher is absent for half of all classes, or when an excuse is maid so students will not be able to play in the gym, which is unfortunately also our auditorium
The academics is generally very great and manageable. Students here tend to learn more than the average student. A lot of emphasis is placed on knowing the subject matter, as all classes are either honors courses or treated as such. The curriculum follows that of the state and district and covers most of everything required. The workload receives mixed reviews. Many feel that the workload is much too great, with it requiring a lot of dedicated time. I, speaking only for myself, rarely ever have an issue where the workload seems overbearing, but that can be attributed to a different work ethic. Unfortunately, with the school being as small as it is, the number of available classes is limited, so most students end up taking the same classes, due to a limited number of electives, although there still is a rather diverse course path for many students.
The school is very safe. Upon entering the school, one must go through a security check involving metal detectors and a non-invasive possessions check by security guards (they only require looking into a student's backpack and do not go through all of the student's personal belongings). The school is small and only requires a very small security staff, however the staff is very prominent. All security guards are also unarmed. All visitors must sign in upon entering and leaving. Security cameras are present in all hallways and stairwells, with few located on the building's exterior, but absent from classrooms. Staff and students require ID, however this rule is very lax as the small number of students makes everybody recognizable without an ID. All exits can be locked internally and all but the main entrance usually are. Fire alarms are present throughout the building, as well as a PA system. There are also anonymous bullying report forms present throughout the building, should they need to be used. As per physical safety, the school leaves very little room, if any, for error.
The school lacks most extracurricular activities. Sports are only available to the middle school, as of this moment. All high school athletics must be done at a student's home school (the school closest to their address that does not have a restrictive acceptance standard). The clubs that are available are limited. The YMCA hosts daily after school activities and anybody may sign up. Clubs that are available are the creative writing club, where students may write for the school magazine, chess club, where students may play chess or learn, French club and Honors Society, for students interested in activities related to the French language and culture, National Honors Society, for the high achieving students (there's no shortage of members), after school band rehearsals, and the many after school labs, such as algebra and biology among others, where students may receive homework help or simply review with a teacher and other students without the limitations of the normal classroom environment. The school could definitely use more activities, but those are uncertain to come without additional funding and approval from the district.
The great thing about this school is that it's fairly new and fairly small. While this does have its downsides, such as a lack of established programs and funding, it also works in students' favor. The small community of under 300 students, both middle school and high school kids, make's the community very tight-knit, where almost everybody knows each other. Since the school is fairly young, we don't have many established activities, such as athletic activities for the high school or a large number of clubs and classes, AP or otherwise, but this means that the students can actively shape the future of the school and evolve alongside it. The students are, for the most part, very intelligent and friendly, meaning the environment is very welcoming and the academics can move a great pace. The reason I would go this school again is because without it I wouldn't be the person I am today. Infinity did me a great service by putting me in an environment where my appreciation for learning was rekindled, after burning out in the years prior due to an underwhelming and somewhat superficial experience in the previous grades. The supportive and thoughtful staff, who have done a great job at making the atmosphere feel inclusive, and the wonderful students, many of whom I am glad to call friends, made the experience worthwhile. If I had the opportunity to go back in time and redo my high school years at Infinity, I definitely would. It would give me the opportunity to capitalize on all of the things I never took advantage of, and hopefully, make my experience, and myself, better than it already is.
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Most teachers at the school are great teachers. They are able to teach the subject matter effectively and give many lessons. There are the few times where teachers are forced to give work that may not be entirely related to the subject and may seem to be 'busy work' but that is a rule (an unpopular one) set by the administration. Teachers are also very knowledgeable in the subjects they teach, providing additional information if anything, rather than the bare minimum to get by. Most teachers are also available to help students after school hours, which is a great help to those willing to make sure they understand the subject matter in a less restricted environment. Overall, the teachers at this school know what they are doing and will only ever get sidetracked due to mandatory administrative policies.
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