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Infinity Early College High School Reviews

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Overall, Infinity is an excellent opportunity for all kinds of students who want a bright future. It allows them to earn their Associates Degree for free. In addition, the environment is ideal for students to reach a potential they never thought was possible. The teachers and faculty are very dedicated to the success of students. Since this is an early college high school, there are no sports (but there is PE). However, the positive environment and opportunity to save potentially $10,000 for no cost, is not something you can pass up.
I attend Infinity Early College High School and it is a school that is very rewarding. I am going to graduate this year with my Associates of Science which I am very proud of. The work and the amount we get is a load but we manage to get through it and take care of business. The bad thing is that we don't have sports but we have clubs every friday and also service learning. This school is a family.
A great school to attend. The atmosphere at Infinity is one of learning and safety. The students are very focused on achieving their goals.
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Infinity Early College helped me get free college classes to obtain an associates. This was all done with caring teachers and staff. Very friendly school overall.
I enjoyed my first year specifically. The school put me in an environment to mature and grow. However, that has slipped away recently. If the school decided to do more events that are fun and bring students together, it will help create a good atmosphere again. Having a lot of friends that can help you through classes and life is the most important thing that we need to get through this school.
Good caring teachers who want the best for their students. The school building is fairly new and the style is classy.
It is a very small school, so it is nice to be able to know everyone and to have all of your teachers know you by name. Any changes that need to be made are already being made.
The best thing about Infinity Early College High School is the amount of support you receive. Attending a school like this is tough, and can be extremely stressful at times, but with all the people you have supporting you, it makes it easier. I hae amde so many memories and still feel very successful.
I really enjoyed my time at Infinity Early College High School. The teachers made you feel like family, and the school greatly prepared me for the college experience. The atmosphere was friendly, inviting, and supportive, and every day I would come to school ready to learn. The students were always accepting, and were greatly involved in making the school a positive environment for everyone. Being in an early college means being focused on academics, and our school proved to do that through amazing test scores and very bright, dedicated students. Although we didn't have sports, our school's student-organized clubs made a team that displayed large amounts of school pride and care for our school's interests. I highly appreciate the staff for making Infinity the ideal school for anyone who wishes to flourish in their academics, and I thank everyone who helped me become the student I am today.
Infinity Early College High school is great for students who want to get a taste of what college is about and get prepared. I learn what managing time was and now I am able to apply it to my life. I like how the counselor is always there to listen to anything type of issue that a student might have. I myself felt like my whole world was falling on me and being able to talk it out with them was a reliever. It would be nice if the school had a club or something that students can get together and talk out any issue that they may have. Also, allow the passing student to try out for school sports and if in any way they are failing then they can be removed. Through my 4 years of experience, I was able to notice that many students who spend most of their time alone are because they are depressed. I personally experience the worst 4 years of my life in high school, most of the time depressed, stressed and even worst I hold it in because I did not have a friend that I can talk it out with.
I liked the environment of Infinity Early College High School because it was a friendly and comfortable place to attend. I liked the small class size because it made it easier to bond with students and teachers.
I liked becoming college ready and having the opportunity to graduate with my associates degree. If there was one thing I would recommend to infinity, it would be to incorporate more athletic activities and improve the technology in the facility’s.
my experience at Infinity was a very interesting one because it is something not many high school students experience. Starting high school and working on getting your associates degree is pretty tough. The school doesn't have sports and I wish this is something that would change, like having them after school and still competing with other schools.
It is a very good school. The small environment lets the teachers get close to each student and provide them with any help they might need. The school itself is fairly new, so there are still a few things that must be taken care of. I love my time there!
I personally love Infinity. I have been here for for four years, and wouldn't change a thing besides the food and place were being held.
Infinity is a unique school where students with a drive to get a head start on their college career. While there can be a lot of work at times, there are many benefits such as 2 year of free college and a rich atmosphere.
It is one of the best places to attend school. You get an associates and high school diploma by the time you finish your senior year. The people and teachers are great they are accetping and willing to help each other when needed. Most people say that their school is like a family but our truly is. I can name any senior first and last name as well as their likes and dislikes. This is truly a wonderful place.
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I love this school. I have grown and have been able to start my successful future early with the help of my very supportive teachers and staff members.
The teachers were supportive during these four years, because whenever a student needed help they were available. A student doesn't have a reason for not receiving help from a teacher or from another student.
Certain teachers are not thrilled about their jobs, but overall they are willing to help. The teachers care about their students deeper than just on a paycheck level. Education is important, but not as important as dress code.
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