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Teacher quality varies, however favoritism is apparent. Cons: If you do not expect any feedback from teachers or administrators, your expectations will be exceeded. Some teachers promote political agendas and will allow verbal attacks of students who hold different views. You will never receive a report card for your child. You may receive access to Google classroom, however, nothing is helpful or informative with that access. School can be a last resort for students with significant emotional/mental issues. Pros: Office staff, Director and Assistant Director are friendly and helpful. Pizza and sub lunch days are a nice change from the mandatory packed lunch. Some projects and other assignments are creative and different from the status quo of public schools.
The teachers are great and really care about the students.
There isn't much to speak of in terms of sports areas.
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I really like the use of themes for each year. It allows the students to dig deep into a subject matter and really get a good understanding of that subject matter. It also encourages students to really get interested in the subject they are studying.
Because the school does not own the building it is located in, there is limited use of the building after school. As a result, extracurricular activities have to occur off-site and are not as well attended as they might be if the school was able to be used in the evenings for events and clubs.
The staff overall is very helpful to parents and students. In terms of day-to-day operations, the school runs fairly efficiently. However, I get the impression that there are some behind close doors issues going on between the staff and board members. It doesn't seem like teacher concerns being brought to the director's attention are being past on to the board.
Students are taught to accept others and the school itself is relatively diverse for the area it pulls from.
I love the educational aspects of the school. The teachers are great and really work on making it is individual experience for the students. My daughter loves school. The building the school is currently located is run down, but it doesn't seem to impact the quality of education too much. It would be nice to have a cafeteria. Another downside is that the board isn't all that open and seems to try hard to keep things private that should be public. Overall, they just need new blood on the board, but the current board members don't really appear interested in attracting people to the board that think different than them.
There isn't much bullying that occurs and when it does occur, I think it is handled appropriately and not tolerated.
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