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Indio High School has a lively campus and a grand amount of diversity. Although the teachers try their best to provide an education for its students through the school's wide range of subjects, they fail in prepping them for college. As many seniors are often unaware of ACT/SATS dates and college applications.
School is very diverse and everyone has Rajah Pride. School is brand new(designs not actually new) and the teachers and principal there are all helpful in their own way.
Indio high school is one of the most respectful high schools in the Coachella Valley. I think the students overall are great students. This high school I feel focuses on the academics part more than the other schools.
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I would say I had my best times growing up in this school. Now that its all new and remodel the school looks like something you would see on the movies. Its like a university inside a school.
The school wasn't really big on school spirit which led to bland pep rallies. There didn't seem to be much emphasis on getting others involved in school activities. Overall it was good enough to make memories and have a good four years, but that's about it.
I graduated Indio High School in 2013 and by far it was the best high school experience I could have ever asked for. in my opinion I would not have changed a thing because I got to learn from my mistakes.
I'd first like to commend the counsellors for all the work they have done for their students, especially their seniors. With them, they were ready and willing to help us with anything from emotional support to college preparations such as looking over senior portfolios to see if we should improve or add anything to highlight all of the accomplishments of everyone thought their years of high school. The overall environment of the school and it's staff members is very welcoming to students. Our school is very diverse culturally and there has never been an instance of segregation or alienation from anyone because of it. Lastly, the teachers at Indio actually care about their students and their education instead of just doing their job for the money.
I would like the heavy pressure of "You must take AP classes" to be lessened, but otherwise a very fun and accepting of everyone.
What I liked about my high school was that the school offered a variety of clubs to join and sports. The school was prepared me for college in the variety of classes they offered and the teachers were very friendly as well and committed to the students' success. However, I would like to see a change in the the school spirit and the sports.
I love that indio high school has many different pathways to choose from. There are also many different elective in the school. My favorite would have to be the CTE programs because you get to experience with technology.
My experience at Indio High School was so amazing. The school has a very nice environment with friendly people from a lot of different cultures and ethnicities. Teachers are very helpful and dedicated for us students to go on to college.
Being a student at Indio High has really made me realize how high school is a major part of your life. Its were you get the best moments. Moments that you will never forget. Although this is an excellent school, I would definitely change something about it. Which would be the ability to fit in with everyone else. Sometimes, students can be so caught up with their friends ad their popularity that, they forget about the others that don have friends and that are shy.
Indio High School feels like home to me. I have grown to get to know such amazing students and adults. The atmosphere is so amazing, and I wouldn't want to be at any other high school in the valley. Everyone is so friendly, it is so easy to make friends!
I honestly loved everything about indio high school! We have new big buildings that look like a college campus and we also have new gym, field, and pool! Everything has been upgraded with a new principle, and new teachers! The diversity is great!!! Everyone is so accepting and loving! The only bad thing is the food! But who does like school food?
Indio High School is a great caring school. You can stay really involved in everything, and the teachers are all so caring. The only downfall when I was there would be the construction that was going out as I was attending the school.
Indio High School is very convivial. Every person I came across was kind and fun to conversate with. Compared to other schools in our area, My school seemed to be the more welcoming to diversity; Despite the kindness, we lacked school spirit due to being the "public squalor" to some. The false description of our school effects our students of fully showing their pride for our school. I am proud that I am an Indio High Student because I am receiving a great education, guidance, experience.
I was very satisfied with how my school offered an animal agriculture pathway through out my high school career. The teachers are very good at their jobs there and made things very easy to understand. I love how even when so many school's think they are better than us we still have so much pride for all our sports. Lastly, it is an environment where I totally feel safe in surrounded by all the other students and teachers.
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As I am graduating from high school, I had a fun experience my last year with a new principle in which I enjoy his spirit.
They always have something going on. They work together to make sure things get done and that the students are provided with everything they need.
Professors at Indio High School really do care about their students. The facilities are brand new and they offer you evrything you need in order to succed at college.
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