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What I enjoy the most about Indianola High School is the love everyone has for each other. There is no bullying, vandalism, hate. Our teachers are wonderful and they teach us how to learn our own way. I also like the fact that we are a very small school and we all know pretty much everything about each other. What I would like to see change is our sports program. I would like it to get bigger and better.
For a small school they have a really good lunch! But like other schools there's a lot of drama and it gets around fast because it is so small and it creates a lot of issues. But the admins there are amazing and the teachers do love their students.
Indianola treated me well. I felt as though I had joined a big family. The environment was great, and the teachers were amazing. Everyone was extremely full of spirit when it came to our sports and academics. We didn't ever rank as high as the other schools in our district, but we kept our school spirit. I'd like to see the place become more diverse, and offer more opportunities for kids to branch out into their field of interest.
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The one this about Indianola High School the the environment with the teachers is a good and caring one, but students can be unruly and quit rude most the time.
The teachers at Indianola High School treat students like family and are often lenient on work due. The teachers are good at working with the students when something comes up like being sick or family crisis. The environment is a caring one with most teachers, but there does seem to be a lack of tough love when need be which often leads to unruly students.
I dislike this school because I've been here going on four years and there is a big lack of discipline. The students do mainly anything they want, good or bad, and are quite hateful. The superintendent won't do anything about bullying unless four or five kids report it. If one or two report something, he says, "I didn't see anything so I can't help you." During classes, nothing is really taught; we mainly just sit there at our tables or desks and do nothing. I hate this school except for the computer teacher and the math teacher.
The food could definitely be way better. The cooks try but the food is just nasty most of the time
I personally was somewhat prepared for college simply because I had an absolutely amazing math teacher and got to take concurrent classes. Because of my amazing math teacher David Ivy I made an 'A' in college algebra. I then took Comp 1 because the English class at Indianola was a complete joke so I just decided to take a college class instead so it'd help me in the future. Other students weren't prepared for college at all most of them had to take remedial classes.
I wouldn't choose this school again if I had to do it all over. You don't learn anything they push you through. This school doesn't prepare you for college at all. If it wasn't for the math teacher we had there that left because the kids were so disrespectful I honestly probably wouldn't of learned anything to help me in college.
It's okay nothing special. Kids there seem to think they'll actually go to the NBA when they can't even win a game. The coach is great tho he just doesn't have any talent on the team.
This school is absolutely horrible. They don't punish kids, make them attend class, or follow any of the rules. There are four good teachers there that make kids listen and try to discipline them but the superintendent and principal just end up letting the kids go. The ag teacher, Jerry Hamilton, the Economics teacher Jon Parker, the History teacher Suzzie Ragan, and the boys basketball coach/8th grade science teacher, AJ Mason, are the only teachers that care there the others couldn't care less and I believer are there just to get money.
Ethnic/racial diversity is pretty bad, just about every student here is native american or caucasian and most are both. Some of our students have trouble accepting people that are "different" from us such as sexual orientation and race.
Just about every teacher here has a sincere interest with their students. When my Dad passed away every one of my teachers wanted to do everything they could to show their sympathy.
We could use a nurse, more people into anti-bullying programs (i persoanlly would take part), we need a health class and sex education, and maybe drug testing on every student instead of only those interested in extracurricular activites.
We could use more food with a better quality to taste. Most of the food is bland.
We could use some more extracurricular activities, we need a bowling team, football field, a drama class, art, music, more things students would enjoy.
We could use some more tutoring, many students here have trouble understanding some of the concepts in mathematics and literature.
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We have mostly core classes (classes you have to take to graduate) then we have a few electives. Our curriculum in the core classes are preparing us fort state tests.
This school is unique because you know everyone's name, we're rambunctious, and over all proud to be who we are.
Our school is very interested in sports, we are very competitive. Most of the students and faculty attend the games and support the team.
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