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The Indianola school district is a great school district. It gives the same opportunities of a big school but still has the one-on-one feeling of a small school.
Indianola High School has been an amazing place for me to open my eyes to new things, and become involved in new activities. I have met teachers, and students that will be my lifelong friends.
I like how most of the teachers make you feel like you're apart of a family. They do very well at helping every student succeed in school.
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My experience at Indianola High School has been a pretty average experience. I spent time in Cross Country on top of marching band and my classes during the fall. During the winter season, I played in the jazz band, pep band, and concert band. Our music department is doing so well and it is growing every year that goes by. I also spent time here doing some of the harder Advanced Placement classes. Which getting into these isn't really all that hard. You just talk to your counselor and they will ask you if you feel ok taking that class. And if that class isn't for you, you can drop it and change it for another class. I also had a wonderful time in our science department and learning about the human anatomy. I thought that the teachers in that department were great at teaching us the material and helping us put together what to study. This helped to further prepare for college in my years ahead of me.
I just moved to Indianola this year and was a little nervous to start a new school. But when the first day came, everyone was so nice and helpful. The teachers are great and so is the rest of the staff!
I like how many ways there are to participate in different activities, and how the teachers connect with the students.
I would like to see more AP classes and classes for college credit that satisfy degree requirements. There are handful of very talented engaging teachers but there should be more, and teachers that are not up to the chanllenge should be provided the opportunity to improve or move on. Sports are adequate but a struggle due to the size of the school. It is a smaller town and operates like a small town with all the good and bad that come along with it. There is the opportunity to attend half days at the local community college as a pet of a career program that provides an excellent opportunity to be exposed to a particular major prior to going to college.
I am a current student at Indianola High School! I really like Indianola High school because they are very one one oriented if you need help. They have set up one day a week that gives us an hour at school to go to teachers and get extra help or make things up and you can just use it as a study hall if you would like. Not much I could ask to change I think all the teachers do the best they can and do the best for the students.
The experience I had at Indianola was pretty good. The administration was so helpful throughout my four years in high school.
I like Indianola High School because for the most part everyone supports what you do. The teachers care about you, and the students that attend Indianola High School supports your interests. Students at our school help each other out all the time, whether it be with homework or just a workout buddy, our students are very involved. They are also involved a lot with school activities. Our sports games always have a packed stand full of students cheering on our team. Our school works hard to make the students experience a good one and send them off to be successful in their work fields.
Absolutely terrible some of the teachers don't even know how to teach their material. There is lot's of bullying toward mentally disabled people, homosexuals and even racism at times and the school does nothing, the clubs and out of school activities suck and also parents have no say in school policy
Its a smaller school but it truly one of the best in the area. Does a great job preparing you for college and giving you an idea on possible careers and their expectations.
Its in a smaller town so its not very diverse because of that
Its a smaller town so a lot of times politics come into play. The programs are good though
Its difficult to know how each parent is involved with their children but there is always a lot of parental support at school events
The teachers here do make an honest effort to communicate and help each student, especially when they are approached with a question or a request. Most every teacher also works hard to create a fun and engaging learning environment.
There are AP classes which are very helpful in furthering your education
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I have had a great experience at Indianola High School
Most of the teachers genuinly care about the students. Yes, some teachers are not good at all, but most are great.
The school is taking a lot of new measures to ensure the safety of the staff and students.
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