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Most people are nice and some teachers are nice but the teachers gossip about the students but oh well they are human but when a teacher gossips to other students thats stupid but most of the older kids are nice just the junior high kids are so mean
Indianola Academy is a great place to send your children to school. Indianola Academy works hard to ensure the success of every child's future endeavors. Indiana Academy commits themselves to their students and their family and provides a loving welcoming atmosphere.
I started going to Indianola Academy my 10th grade year. I left public schools to get a better education. The teachers care for you and your wellbeing. The classes are much smaller and you are able to get 1-on-1 help. Everyone is very friendly and make sure that you are where you need to be in academics and more.
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Most teachers are using multiple learning styles in their instruction, they very knowledgeable and are genuinely interested in seeing the students learn, have great communication skills with students and parents, they even have school emails where students and parents can email them. Grading is very consistent and grading policies are set by the school board.
Our school offers football, basketball, baseball, softball, soccer, swimming, cross country, tennis, and golf. Some clubs they offer are Outdoor club, guitar, science, math, stock market, choir, SADD, brotherhood of Christian Athletes, and more . All of these sports and clubs have great leaders, some of these clubs even compete nationally.
IA is filled with students who are there to learn, and has minimal disciplinary problems. Most classes are filled with rigor, which is fabulous, but I wish all teachers would teach with the end in mind, several teachers act more like college professors at D1 colleges. They give the assignment and a day or so later test on it. In many cases they failed to actually teach the student the material before testing, merely allowing students to dig through text and teach themselves. As an educator for 20 yrs. I can be pretty critical of the effectiveness of teachers. IA like any school has teachers who excel and have mastered their profession, but they also have several teachers who have not.
We have a variety of clubs to chose from.
I am thankful for the opportunity I have had in attending this school. I feel prepared to take the next step after graduation due to the education I have received here. They have demonstrated that outer care and well being are also front and foremost. We have awesome clubs and activities but mostly we have the freedom to worship.
I have always been able to go to any teacher in the event I need extra help. They are giving of their time and knowledge. They genuinely care for our well being and want to see us succeed.
My school have these different clubs. Some clubs are DIY club, outdoors club, colonel spirit club, etc. The clubs that I've been so far are DIY club, yoga club, and colonel spirit club. We all meet once a month, and it's pretty fun.
The thing that makes our school unique is the students and faculty. I would choose this school if I could do it all over again, because our school's teaching are really good. Most of the things we learn are taught in college.
The teachers at my school are very kind and very helpful. If I don't understand something, they will literally help me until I don't understand.
It was high school. Everybody wanted to know everybody's business and people talked about each other endlessly. Sometimes school official would go way overboard with rules, like the no hugging rule. It is a good place as far as education.
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