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what I like about Indianapolis metro high is that they give their students the opportunity and advantage for getting on track of their career.
Indianapolis Met High School is really good if you are interested in small classes and a lot of 1 on 1 time with teachers and staff. The teachers and staff are very supportive and helpful; in addition they are easy to make bonds with. I like that our school now has a daycare to where students with children can still come to school instead of having to stay home. Also, they are adding a student ran coffee shop open for students and staff. Overall, this school is different and interesting.
Indy Met had a great impact on my senior year, they help a lot inside and outside of school. Subjects I struggled in they offer extra help to students who needed it. Indy Met education was very important so they were concerned about students who didn't take school serious.
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I started Indianapolis Metropolitan High School when I was a freshman. During my freshman year I earned 17 credits. I have enjoyed my time at Indy Met & wouldn't have chose no other high school to go to. They have prepared me all they can for college & I think I'm ready.
I liked how every teacher literally tries their best to help me when in need. I have a connection with every teacher and i love it. Plus its just a good opportunity to stay focused in a smaller environment.
I said that because Indy met gets very competitive especially when it come to sports the while school gets hyped and we all enjoy that kind of stuff because it makes us a team we go and support each other even if we win or lose we still support each and everyone in every sport
I chose that because the design time helps elder women or men to make their jobs less harder and more easier . Our robiticems club are good at what they do . The administration counsel uses there tike wisely but not collectively because you have to wait almost 3 to 4 to get the help you need. They do come at the right time you need them.
I said that because it gas it's days where kids do weird things by that's what makes the school unique it's got its weird. People all over the school. If I could go back in time I would have started my freshmen year there and stayed all four years because they as in the teachers are so. Supportive in athletsics games to academics and much more. Teachers should make allot of money because they put upnwoth allot of stuff thought out the day.
I choose that answer because the teachers take time and help students to get the lesson more easier or more quicker by using step by step explaining. Teachers also take he time out there after school routine to stay after school an extra hour or so to help students that are struggling in the particular class or even the subject. Sometimes teachers would give there cell phone number to call them and ask what's this on the homework or how can I work though this problem or I don't get it can you explain a little more, teachers love seeing their studenta be the best they can be because that lets them know that you actuallty learned aomething from them, something not to big but helpful.
Before entering this school, I had heard wonderful things about it which made me decide to go to the school. After going the for years my relationship with the staff, teachers and principals evolved in a way that made coming to school feel like home. I love the relationships each teacher and staff offers. They really do care about their students. This school is unique because they make sure they will do whatever it takes for you to succeed and go beyond. If I could, I would choose this school all over again because it felt like home, it was love all over and the experiences there are amazing.
I wish my freshman year was my senior year. I loved the school freshman year, but since the school was still so new they had to make a lot of changes to make the school better at their academics. freshman year we created a family, we all looked out for each other and everyone sort of fell off and changed; some for the better and some not so good. All that matters is that I was able to graduate and be the first to come off to college.
Freshman year we had salt and a lot of other fatty foods; as the years went on they attempted to get healthier. we had wheat buns, tortillas, and biscuits. they took all of the soda machines out and started selling Gatorade at lunch.
All of the staff really cared so if someone is missing a lot of school they would call home and see why the occurring absences are happening. They were strict about dress code; we had a room with school t-shirts in it. Surprisingly there wasn't very much bullying, we were something like a family. Everyone hung out, even the kids with disabilities would hang out with everyone else.
Freshman year we didn't have a gymnasium. Then the basketball team won the state championship game and they built us a gymnasium. Every since then basketball was the highlighted sport at the school, none of the others mattered as much.
I went to public schools all my life and the teachers didn't care as much as the teachers did in my high school; I went to a charter school. When I got to high school I was pretty surprised at how much the teachers care about our education. These teachers would go above and beyond to do anything they could for you, if you had issues going on at home they'd understand and help you as much as possible. If your grades were bad they'd push you; teachers at most schools have that "I already have my degree" attitude.
In high school they focused everything on basketball, most of the money was focused on basketball, all anyone cared about was basketball.
I knew everything that life had in store for me but I'm not sure I was totally 100 percent sure what I was getting myself into. I worked over the summer and was planning to take a semester off. I called my current college to see what I needed to do to start in the spring and admissions pulled some strings and now I'm here. Freshman year is almost over and I'm stuck I don't know what to do or where to look for more scholarships; my school is $43,000 a year and I don't have 21st Century. I'm stuck.
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Its okay, I honestly feel like we could use better coaches.
The teachers were FANTASTIC! It was the students I ever had a problem with. The teachers were like one big family and many of them became friends of mine.
Some of the students would make bad choices and would not get caught. It is not the teacher's fault at all.
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