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Indianapolis Lighthouse Charter School Reviews

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This high school has showed me what it means when a teacher says "I'm pushing you to do better" this school is sort of diverse but has a lot to offer. Such as college classes in and out of the building and offers any after school activity a student would want to attend to.
My experience with lighthouse house has been a success because this school actually pushes us to succeed and get ready for college. Also the teachers are very helpful in many ways. One thing I would like to see change is the food. To me the food is horrible and sometimes they serve the exact same stuff which makes me not wanna eat but other than the food, I feel like this school is a really good school.
I really like that my school offers dual-credit classes through IU-Bloomington and Ivy Tech. one thing I would like to see change is that the safety policies could be gone over more during the school year,. for example, we could have more fire drills, and we can review what to do if an intruder breaks in more frequently.
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I like that we had the opportunity to have scholarships seven it was a short time. I enjoyed the experience. I also appreciate how dedicated some teachers are staying after with you, transportation if needed. You are able to make up any test which was a huge plus for me.
At Lighthouse, the expectation for education purposes is set very high and is taken very seriously. Students can feel safe in the school and teachers do really care about the students. There are many fun trips and activities for students to participate in throughout the school year. It has great culture and is a pretty good school to attemd
What I like about lighthouse East charter is that they persaude students to get their work done & also to show the students that you can put anything you put your mind to ..
I liked that the teachers were really nice and pushed you to your fullest potential. Half of the teachers there helped shape me into the smart, full of potential, striving young lady that I am today. Something they can improve on is helping the teachers that have a hard time getting their class to understand the material teach. Rather than that it is a great school to send your kids. I've been there since 6th grade and I'm about to graduate next year.
I attended Indianapolis Lighthouse Charter School for two years and it was a great experience because the culture of the school was great. I made a lot of new friends, and also participated in plenty of sports and activities such as basketball, track, cross country, the Peer Project and National Honor Society. One thing I do love about this school is that the teachers at school prepared me for college and life.
I been attending Indianapolis East Lighthouse charter school for two years now,I am a sophomore.I love the school the teachers are fantastic you can get a lot of help one on one,because there not really big classrooms with a whole bunch of students.We are currently an A rated all around school,I work very hard to at least maintain a 3.2 Gpa.I also like that we have Advisory which is a class where students get a teacher and the teacher helps prepare them for the next level,like my advisory teacher pushes us to college.Also Advisory is a good classroom bond where the students can have social talks and communicate with each other.
I have experienced a welcome that was never to be forgotten , they act like a family and they are so kind. They have a lot of activities for the kids to do . So many after school things to keep the kids busy . The teachers are so involved with every student . It's the best by far
At Lighthouse there are many good things to say about the school. The teachers and administrators really care about each student academically and personally. They go out their way to make sure you are always at you best. They provide after school tutoring for those who wish to get additional help. The teachers check up on you through out the week to make sure that you are doing what you need to do and to maje sure you don't need any help with anything. Lighthouse is a great school and they get every single student college ready.
I have been attending Lighthouse since my sophomore year. My experience have been excellent m academics have improved greatly since I have attended this school. Parents are involved and most of the teachers are always there when you need there help. I like how they are preparing us for college.
I have attended this school for over seven years. At this school, I was able to obtain over a 4.0 GPA all throughout high school, I was fortunate enough to take college classes and earn college credit as a high school student. I got a lot of one on one attention.
Being a senior at Lighthouse is very different honestly. This year is my second year attending and I've been through many challenges with it. With the amazing academics, my fellow senior classmates are kind of hard to cope with.
Going into my junior year with a lot of friends and this year going into my senior year with only two friends was a weird challenge. It more so helped me with my patience and also how to work with people I don't get along with. Having teachers around to help me when I needed it but also made me do some work on my own is helping me prepare for college.
My experience being at Lighthouse was a challenge but through it all I made one friend i know that I will never want to leave my side. Lighthouse helped me become an amazing young adult and to mature. It was a real life lesson.
My experience at this high school has been very exciting. I have been attending this high school since the 9th grade and personally I have seen this school and students change over the years. I greatly appreciate the one on one teaching we get when we need help. But the things I would change about this school is the amount of field trips that the senior class takes. I would also like to change the amount of school spirit we have as a whole, I would also agree to having a bigger building to hold k-12 grade.
I have been at this school since I was in third grade and have seen a lot of changes. I like when you are in high school and you can take college classes at the actual college. I don't like that the students who gradate aren't prepared for college at all and drop out.
Most of the teachers are helpful and others can't control the students in the classroom.
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There's not a lot of extracurricular activities available to students like a regular high school would have.
The teachers at this school care about the students overall, and make sure that they graduate on time with no distractions.
It's a college prep school, so it helps students to get ready for college, for that reason I feel confident about going to college
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