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Indiana Wesleyan School Reviews

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I have recently applied here, and they have been nothing but helpful with the whole process. They do everything they can to make sure you have everything ready to start school. Not to mention they are really good at getting back to you in a timely manner. I have been nothing but pleased thus far.
I love the school and the teacher. I don't like the financial side of things. they said that they would work with me and then they didn't. they also said that they would put me on a payment plan and then they accused me of not paying because the advisor had put the wrong plan in my folder.
The teachers are so nice. A great school if you are ready to be COMPLETELY immersed in the Christian life style. Chapel is usually very interesting. Teachers for the most part grade easily. Marion has NOTHING to do in it if you don't have a car. Seriously middle of nowhere. Not a lot of diversity but they're working on it.
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I love this school! The school environment is so friendly, supportive, and caring. The courses are set up in an easy to learn way. You are not overloaded with so many different classes you can not remember once from the other. The teachers are more than helpful and the students are just as encouraging and supportive as anyone else. I would highly recommend this school to anyone I knew.
Most students are friendly and positive about relationships with others. The teachers strive to make sure everyone is in good humor with each other. Boys and girls are not stuck up and get along good with their peers.
This high school is very small so it it is limited in its resources. But what the school does have to offer is very high in standards and prepares you well for the outside world and beyond.
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