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The professors are there for you and work with you . They understand that you have a family and other things going on
Love that it is at your own pace, nice teachers, any issues you can call the offices and they will try to help you.
I entered INVS as a freshman in 2015 and it started off well. In the beginning, they offered students to test out of classes; they no longer have that option. During my sophomore year is when things started to go left. Around this time I noticed that the school didn't have a principal until 2016 (Ms. Feeser stepped in office) and that is when they ended up taking credits due to me "not completing the work," when in reality, I tested out. They did not help me in any way, I had to fight and advocate for myself in order to get my credits back. I unfortunately only received 1 credit out of 4 and the rest I had to make up. In 2017, when I finally recovered I noticed that they placed me in some of the same classes that I had already received a credit for. This caused a mixup and set me back again. Not only did they make me retake the wrong classes they tried to take another credit. This time around I received all of my credits including the one they had taken from me.
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I absolutely love going here. I did not think going to an online school would be as amazing as it truly is. My teachers make my experience worthwhile.
Great school!!! With my schedule online school was a better choice, INVS is a really awesome school!! My teachers help me if I have any problems with any of my classes.
Great school. Helpful teachers and staff, great resources for courses and lessons, college readiness courses, tons of elective and AP classes.
The teachers could never seem to respond back to me and when they did, it seemed like they never really cared. The principal could never even respond to me. The layout of their website is awful and they couldn't even add one of my classes, even though I'd been asking for it for over a month. Just terrible. I wish I'd gone to the Connections Academy.
This school is very flexible and helpful. The administration staff members are great. The teacher are very helpful. When you need them they're a phone call or an email away and they respond quit fast.
Indiana Virtual is a great online-schooling program. The teachers are very friendly and helpful. The school work isn't to challenging but also isn't to difficult.
Indiana Virtual school allows for a structured dynamic in its own way. It allows flexibility and much more. The teachers are always there to help, an no question goes unanswered.
What makes this school unique is that when you have to do something like standardized testing, you don't have to worry that the teachers won't be nice to you or they won't be stuck-up because all of the teachers just want what is best for the students in any possible way.
All of the teachers are extremely nice and they all try to help the students work through what they need to get done in order to stay on pace to finish the school year in a reasonable amount of time and with a good grade.
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