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Indiana Math & Science Academy Reviews

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Close it down please its trash look at the celling im laughing its trash there so petty my cousin wen to this school he got suspended from ths school then he went to a diffent school he went to a private school he a strait A student and that private not peetty like this trash doo doo school close i down i beg you please
this school is horribe they make you clean the lunch room if a kid be bad like they have no staff to do that we came to learn not clean . In plus there thechers are terrible and ther food theres alot most kids hate it.
i would like to see the food change .Because its not that good but MOST of there teachers are good and there learning is ok
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This school has some after school tutoring for children who need more help than others our just want to improve. We have a little clubs to get into and about 3 sports. There are small classrooms also
My overall experience has been challenging but just what I needed to succeed. Since 6th grade year I knew it would be a school of success and quitting would only limit my options. I like how the teachers can give you your 1 on 1 time because there aren't too many students and not too many distractions. I'd definitely recommend this school to anyone k-12.
The school's academic program is good and efficient.
The schools has a lot of strict rules.
I prefer my child is highly and social active.
The school is very open and accepting of everyone.
Most of the students seem to be fit and healthy.
The school clearly cares about the students.
The nurse takes care of every student and does it well.
The after schools activities are we have at our school are very cool. We have a lot of clubs including cooking and others.
The food at the school is okay, I wouldn't say it's the best.
The only thing i would change about my experience at this school would be my study habits. I would try to get betters grades and stay on the the honor roll.
We only have a basketball and volleyball team
We have a lot of technology at our school, it helps us get our work done.
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I used to hate this school when I first got her in the 7th grade; but now as a senior I have grown to love it and the teachers in it.
teachers and the deans does not tolerate things
the food at this school is horrible but eatable
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