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I like that we could focus on school. But the thing I would like changed is having sports. Also what I like is how the teachers are so nice to help students understand the topic. Makes us answer the questions in class or students help out.
Indiana Connections Academy is a nice school that enforces lots of rules and has lots of parent involvement to ensure that your child is making good grades. The counselors are not the greatest from my own experience and they don't offer a lot of interesting courses for students to take.
A great school with teachers just as great! The teachers go above and beyond to make sure the students are learning the material, and that they are succeeding. The course list is great with many different opportunities for the students. Even as an online school they offer many field trips and clubs, which is amazing for the students to be able to meet one another and get to know each other as well as their teachers.
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I loved my teachers. They were decided to helping me learn. The college help and info for early graduates could use improvement.
Indiana Connections Academy is a challenging, yet so beneficial school for learning and being interested at the same time! Teachers work with you quickly and provide great information and support when you need it. There are also many great clubs and opportunities for any student who attends Indiana Connections Academy. You can also create a career-focused, flexible schedule with Indiana Connections.
My experience with INCA has been exceptional. The staff is very friendly, informed, and caring for their students. They care about your education and are there to walk with you on your path to success. They encourage students to do their best and offer students assistance on a daily basis. They also offer a variety of resources to help students and caretakers on their educational journey.
I like how I can work at my own pace and I don't feel pressured to get everything done within a certain amount of time.
I just started Indiana Connections Academy this year, and I absolutely love it! I can work at my own pace, I learn to be a problem solver, and did I mention the teachers were incredible? This school is all that I want in a school and more!
My experience with Indiana Connections Academy has been an overall positive experience so far. The faculty and staff at Connections has been very kind and helpful when answering questions concerning classes, credits, and college. One thing that could improve the school would be to involve more off screen learning time in the lessons.
I attended Indiana Connections Academy for all four years of my high school career. Overall, it was a lovely experience. The work structure allowed for great flexibility and made me responsible for time management at a younger age. Teachers were very supportive and helpful in times of need. Subject level, the mature way that it was presented, and the responsibility involved with keeping up was a great way to prepare for college.
I liked that the classes were challenging but doable. I liked that the teachers were very nice and were always there to answer questions. I would have liked if the LiveLessons were more structured.
Indiana Connections Academy offers students flexibility that they would never have the opportunity to take advantage of in most other systems. For me, being able to work multiple jobs and have extracurricular activities and still graduate was a huge blessing. As far as other areas of life, depending on who you are. You might struggle a little more. Socially it is draining to spend your days at home doing work. It leaves less room for interacting socially. It also presents a hurdle when it comes to making connections with other students. There is little overall communication between students beyond rudimentary and otherwise basic interactions.
Indiana Connections Academy is the reason for my personal and academic success. My own children will go through this program one day!
I love how caring my teachers are. They are always available to help me and they are extremely caring. I always feel comfortable asking them questions and the feedback they give is nothing but kind and helpful. My classmates and I always have fun playing games during class. The teachers provide us with plenty of ways to learn and have fun while doing so. I am so lucky to go here and be surrounded by such supportive teachers and classmates.
The teachers were great, and the classes and course work offered were interesting and challenging. There was a great amount of schedule flexibility available.
Indiana Connections Academy is a very great school. The teachers are excellent and the courses are challenging but not overwhelming. Since it is an online school, students have more flexibility for when and how long they do their school work. Teachers are engaging, understanding, and helpful. They are gracious and almost always willing to offer extra credit and remediation. Although you aren't interacting with your peers in person at Connections Academy, you still have daily opportunities to interact with classmates and teachers through the virtual live lessons. Since switching to Connections I have had to make more of a effort when it comes to socializing which can be a downside. But that's really the only negative about this type of schooling. Overall, I think Indiana Connections Academy is a great school and a great alternative to brick-and-mortar public schools. I feel that I have learned more in-depth in my four years at Connections then I have at any other school I've attended.
A lot of the teachers were very helpful when you had a question. However, I felt overwhelmed because you have to be very on top of everything and sometimes that is not easy when you are not going to a school classroom.
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Indiana connections Academy is great if you can teach yourself. If you’re a go-getter and can plan on your own then it’s perfect. I can only imagine mature high school aged kids doing this because it’s not a school that is going to really impact a students life. If you want a true education go to an actual school or a different online school. If you can handle it on your own then it’s fine.
Indiana Connections Academy is a very flexible school system. I don't have specific times to get lessons done each day so I can work around my other day to day activities.
I think the staff is great . Everyone is very helpful and good about making sure they provide all resources a student needs . There is a lot of support within the system .
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