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My school does a good job of providing a variety of activities. Whether you are into sports or theater, my school has it! Most of the teachers are very good at their job and always ready to help students. Compared to other schools, my school has many classes that other high schools do not provide. There are many AP classes available, as well as interesting electives, such as Child Development, Digital Media, Anatomy I & II, etc.
Overall, I would not recommend this school to any students with learning disabilities, and it is not a good experience for kids who move to the area. Academics are good, but diversity is non-existent. and school culture can be at times awful. Teachers are much better than the administration, which has never been very helpful. Facilities are currently being updated and are expected to get better with time.
This high school is pretty average. It's the best school in the county, both academically and socially, as well as an extremely safe school environment.
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It was a long tough process getting out of that high school. I met some great friends and a handful of incredible teachers and that is why I gave any stars at all. The school is plagued with teachers who don’t want to be there let alone teach, as well as little information being retained by students. It’s in one ear, take the test, and then out the other.
Indiana High school has very good teachers and staff, but often times technology is used in place of teaching. Teachers are pushed to include activities on Chromebooks and other devices. This leads to teachers not teaching the class and students becoming confused and not knowing the material. The school is safe and clean. I do not think the classes prepare people for college because it is extremely easy to excel in them.
Indiana Area Senior High School is a great school in an academic regard, but there are several factors I would like to see changed. First, I would like more Advanced Placement class options. Our choices are very limited. Second, I would like to see more opportunities for socializing, as well as possibly some more rennovations because our school is quite disgusting in some regards. Overall, our school is pretty great, but it could be better.
When I attended Indiana Area High School, the acdemics was one of the best features as well as the cross country team at IHS.
In my experience at Indiana Area Senior High School I have always found the teachers and the administrators to be not only helpful, but friendly as well. The school is very focused on academics, and strives to give you the best education possible. It's a small school, but they try very hard, and give you the best that they can.
There is a lot of activities to be apart of, but the academics need to be updated. I feel like they were behind compared to other schools.
IHS is a great school for athletes and those who want to give themselves a little bit of a challenge. I've enjoyed my classes, all of my teachers, and the opportunities this school offers. The only things I wish this school would change is its focus on sports, actually help the students prepare for college, and offer clubs or activities for kids with interests that aren't sports, music, or theater.
The Indiana High School gave me a wonderful education. Most of the building is old and the auditorium is quite small but the gym and fitness center is perfect. The teachers really care about each student and will help him or her strive towards greater success.
It's high school so there are social challenges that must be overcome, but overall the teachers are great and the students make the best of what they can
Most of the teachers commit ample time to helping students achieve their goals
Most activities here are revolved around and focused on sports. Most clubs deal with sports, most after-school activities are sports. The poor theater program in always underfunded, and even had to look to the community this year just to pay for what they need! All clubs that 'develop leadership skills' are filled with the same 'type' of student. Other clubs aren't taken seriously (such as the foreign language clubs), but I enjoy mine. It's hard for a student like me whose interests aren't like the majority of students who do Key Club or are athletic or are just typical. There are students, like myself, who have interests in things that don't have opportunities which then makes it hard later in life when we're applying to colleges and can't provide many extracurricular activities because we won't force ourselves to join a club or activity we don't enjoy.
Although I love my school and they offer an abundance of opportunities for students, activities mainly revolve around athletics, the theater program is constantly underfunded, they were more worried about renovating the school than revolutionizing education (to make it more about learning rather than grades), and there aren't activities for students like me whose interests are not related to theater, (common) sports, or interests one would go to a technical school to pursue. These may seem like complaints, but I wouldn't want to go to another school if I had a choice because the school is beautiful and the teachers care about and support their students. Leaving the teachers is going to be the hardest part about graduating because I have bonded with many of them and a family-like environment is created at my school.
I can't say that they're the best because I haven't attended any other schools to compare them with. All of the teachers genuinely care about their students, most help struggling students, each teacher has their own teaching style but it's a consistent style for them, and they do care about the performances of their students. It's a great school with great teachers, and without them I may not have be as successful in my academic career.
The academics are very ranged. We now have game design classes. There are many different English classes such as; scifi/ fantasy literature, British literature, world literature, gothic literature, and more
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Students are primarily accepted with exceptions. There is attendance to spread rumors and such. The school is pretty racially diverse.
It's okay with the majority of physical health problems, but mental health? Not so good. I've had many friends have to attend home schooling/ cyber schooling because of bullying and depression.
There had been a time where I was balancing many clubs and extra curriculars such as;

Christian Fellowship Club, Anime Club, Glee Club, Orchestra, Chamber of Strings, Four Score, Track and Feild, and sometimes a school play here or there. Let's just say there is a large variety of activities for any one student.
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