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Indiana Area Junior High School Reviews

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Indiana Area Junior High School is a very good middle school, particularly when comparing it with the high school in the same district. The teachers are excellent and also down to earth and willing to help out students, the facilities are nice and fairly new, and there are plenty of activities for students, not to mention the top-notch academics!
The teachers really focus on teaching the kids, and it is a really good environment for the kids to learn
The New policies that have been put into affect are tedious, but they are very good.
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There is always something going on after school for every type of person.
This school is really awesome, and has taught me much better than all the other schools in the area. It has given me many opportunities for the future.
All of the teachers seem to really care about the students, and they understand what it is like to be a student, and they really do their best to prepare you for the real world.
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