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I love the spiritual aspect of IA. I wish they would start college preparation earlier. I would also love for them to take us on more college trips other than Andrews University. I would also like to see more appreciation for the different cultures.
Indiana Academy is an okay school, not great not terrible. There can be a huge improvement in the academics so that we can be prepared for college. It is a very diverse school with many different types of people from different places.
I'm a student at Indiana Academy for two years now, and it has been a blessing for me. The teachers were friendly and are always there for you. There's also excellent music program and extracurricular activities one can sign up for. To top it off, it's a campus where one can learn and get closer to God.
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Indiana Academy is a excellent choice from a public school, very spiritual environment & strict behave rules, the only thing is the food.
Indiana Academy provided me an excellent foundation academically and equipped me with a passion to serve others after college. My experience helped me solidify my own Christian beliefs and commitment.
Indiana Academy is a school that will teach you practical skill for life, spiritual morals, and how to serve others. If your a high school student, this school give you a little taste of college life since school it's a boarding school. You are employed to work on and off campus ( yes, you do get paid.) and you can use your work experience in the real world when filling out application forms and resumes.
The staff are always their if you need them.
All the teacher were great.
The have healthy foods for everyone.
Everyone is really good at playing together. Everyone went to be healthy.
We have great Bible study program do by staffs and students.
My favorite experiment about Indiana Academy is service and friendly peoples. It a great place to be.
I"m not a vegetarian so the food wasn"t bad, but it wasn't my favorite.
Everyone was given Ipads to use since most of the books were on there. However, there were no tutors available.
There was no police officers on campus or a school nurse. The environment was still safe though.
They were very strict on dress code/ Modesty was the way to go!
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