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I like how involved we can get. We have spirit week just about every week, and there are tons of clubs and organizations to get into. Plus, the school is always clean. The teachers are reasonable and likable, and they'll help you in any way they can. The only thing I wished they would change, is that they stop focusing on football 24/7 and give some of the other sports recognition. For example, there's only one senior night, and that's only on the last home football game. The players get announced, yet there's nothing like that for track or softball or baseball. Our boys are going to playoff and there's this huge event for them, but our volleyball girls have gone to state three times in a row, yet they don't receive any special recognition or event.
Most of the teachers will be understanding and help you with anything you could ever need. They aspire to make their students great. It's a clean school with great technology for every student to own a computer. It is safe and does not allow bad behavior to happen.
They have a great staff that truly cares about your education. They try to prevent bullying as much as possible making it a friendly environment. The building is huge allowing many different classes to chose from. Every student gets a laptop computer to take home and do their schoolwork on.
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I like the availability of classes and options to get to go into. I like how we have so many fun events for the students. I would like to see the dress code change.
There's a lot of different clubs, for everyone to enjoy.
I like the clubs, i was in so many clubs. Computer Club, Ski Club, Mock Trail, etc. and i loved them all
It's a great school, teachers are nice.
There are many clubs to choose from
I love this school and I wish I could have enjoyed it more while I was still an underclass man
Any teacher that I had at this school has made a positive impact on my life.
I would say that the safety at Indian Valley High School is very good. The only way to possibly get in the school, without being let in, is through the office. The office is locked, but is unlocked by the secretary if necessary. The local police officer also enters the school at some times and patrols around.
Extracurricular activities at Indian Valley are very good. Many students take part in many of the clubs. The teachers also greatly encourage the students to be active within the clubs. Clubs vary from Drama Club to Movie Club.
The teachers at Indian Valley are some of the best teachers around. They often do what they can to help the students and make their lessons interesting and including. Each teacher is also very knowledgeable in their subject and they do well at keeping up with grades.
I enjoy attending Indian Valley High School for many different reasons. First of all, the academics are very good and we learn a lot each day. Each student is given a Chromebook and the teachers incorporate them in various ways. Next, there are many clubs and extra-curricular activities that are offered. The teachers and administrators are also some of the best. They are always there to help the students if they need help and they work very hard to connect with the students.
The teachers at Indian Valley High school all work as a team. They treat you like family and truly care about your education. I truly believe they have students best interest at heart and they want them to succeed
The opportunities for extracurriculars at my school is great. Some of the clubs that ew have at our school include pep club, scholar challenge, and cyber club. They all have many members and the members are faithful and go to most of the meetings. The most popular club is pep club. All the administration and staff help with this club and support it.
This school is fantastic. My favorite experiences include football games and school dances. They are my favorite because I got to spend a lot of time with my friends and make new memories. If I got to do it all over again I would choose this school to start over in my education.
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The teachers are extremely friendly, knowledgeable, and great at their job. The scheduling process can be difficult because some classes are only offered one period so it's hard to fit all of the classes you want to take. The workload is manageable if you are good at managing your time and not procrastinating. Spanish, FFA classes and French are popular classes.
The clubs and organizations in my school include Pep Club, Student Council, Students with a Testimony, Movie Club, FFA and Cyber Club. The most popular club is Pep Club because our school is really supportive of athletics and we have a lot of school spirit. All clubs have full support from the school and they're of high quality.
My experience at this high school has been amazing. The athletic events are fun and all students are involved whether that's playing in the band, sitting in the student section, being a cheerleader, playing in the games or making signs. The Pep Rallies get everyone excited and prepared to support the athletes. Spirit Weeks get everyone involved and wanting to participate in the school even if they can't attend the game. There are clubs like Art Club, Pep Club, Cyber Club, Movie Club and Student Council. There's something for everybody at my school. We are all like a family in this high school and I wouldn't trade it for anything. This is one of the best high schools you could attend.
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