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Indian Trail Middle School Reviews

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The safety policies at this school is very strict but most students would choose to ignore it. For instance bullying. Although it's highly forbidded students will bully their fellow classmates verbally or digitally. Teachers sometimes try to step in as much as possible but it still happens. Boys sometimes still sexually harass female students and nothing really happens afterwards.
The most popular extracurricular activities will be Track and Field. It is very competitive and a lot of teamwork and effort is put into it. The coaches are somewhat beneficial and try very hard to make us better than we were.
This school is very unique in its own way. From the amazing teachers to the fun school dances, it has taught me to freely be myself. But most importantly it has manifested my love for acting and writing. It would have been very possible that I would not choose to pursue my dream if I never went to this school.
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The teachers at Indian Trail Middle School are very engaging!
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