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I love India Trail. I love the people there, there is always a positive attitude a ITA. The teacher is very nice and they always set you up for success with a smile on their faces. I love the sports at Indian Trail, I play varsity baseball and the baseball program is second to none when it comes to sports.
Indian Trail is a school that needs to focus more on engaging students in clubs and activities and prepare students better for college. The teachers need to prepare students better for the ACT. Teachers should also be allowed to improve the curriculum if they see improvement. English teachers at Indian Trail are top notch. Science department is the next best followed by language and math. Non honors or AP students need better teachers. The sports at Indian Trail are nowhere near as good as they should be with such a high student population. Coaches are not the best at Indian Trail. I felt safe at Indian Trail because we had one armed guard and plenty of safety precautions for all types of unsafe situations. The school has plenty of resources for student, parents and staff. Lastly, Indian Trail is a good school that is kept clean and has new facilities for students, staff, and parents. However, the studnet parking lot is very congested after school is let out and has many pot holes.
My experience at Indian Trail has been exceptional! Excellent quality of education with teachers that strive to see their students succeed. Many options to choose from both academically and socially. The school falls short of a five star review due to its lack of full enforcement of school policies and rules. Although administration works their best to create equal policies, they are not enforced by counselors or deans
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I attended the Business Academy at Indian Trail and I loved that the classes were tailored to a specific career goal. While I haven't decided to go further into business, I'm going into the dentistry field, those classes did teach me more about the real world than other classes wouldn't have. The teachers really want you to succeed in life and care about each of their students.
I believe that Indian Trail High School and Academy is an excellent school. It is full of opportunities especially with the Academy portion of the school that teaches us students about the topics that will help us on that particular branch of careers.
My high school has a lot of positive characteristics. The building is still very new and the facilities are excellent. The athletics are very competitive, so we have a chance to do something good every year. Academically, there isn't a lot of excitement about learning. I really enjoyed my years in high school, but the majority of it had to do with sports and all the friends that I made. Now that I am out of high school, I miss certain things. I want to become a teacher so that I can give students a great experience in school and make sure they want to give back as much as I want to.
The environment was overall very positive, and most of the teachers really care about their students, they were very helpful in helping me transition into college. I would just change the way the security guards go about dress coding. Most of the time they dress code based on favoritism and they approach you very rudely.
I loved my time at Indian Trail. I participated in many clubs and activities including student council, softball, and spirit squad. I think my teachers were phenomenal and I don't have much bad to say about it. I always felt included, there were times I didn't feel entirely safe, but it was reassured as they solved the problems. I always felt as though my teachers helped me and that I could trust them. I had such a great 4 years at Indian Trail.
My experience overall was pretty good. I enjoy the faculty and staff and the student engagement in the school community. They offered a lot for academics, as I went to the Med Sci academy. By far, a better school than any other high school in Kenosha. One thing I would recommend changing is dress code of KUSD. I think it is unfair that the women are always dress-coded for everything they do and the men are always let off with warnings or never address. I felt as if I was discriminated against for wearing certain clothing, especially when we were required to dress up for a home game for sports. I would wear a dress or skirt to dress up and then would be dress coded and sent to sit in OSM. This disrupted my learning and caused many unnecessary problems, all because my dress was an inch short or clothing was "a distraction to the men." Other than this, I was pleased with my experience in the academy and the school in general.
My experience at Indian Trail has been challenging, of course. But I have definitely achieved a lot just from being there. I learned things I could never of imagine of learning. This school has a great tutoring for all subjects, whether it is in the morning or afternoon. I feel the staff genuinely cares about their students. Some may perceive it as "annoying", but I see it as refreshing. Because in all reality, they only want you to succeed in your life. There could be changes, just like any high school. One could be how they prepare freshman in a new school. Yes, link crew is a wonderful way for freshman to see the school, receive advice from upperclassmen. But, in order to sustain a good relationship with them, I feel they should see them more often, and ask how they are doing in school. Just lift them up more than they already do. It certainly would make it easier to see them thrive in their high school career.
At Indian Trail, I liked the classes offered. Indian Trail offers a lot of different classes such as AP, Honors, etc. Indian Trail also has four academies. Communications, Business, Medical Science, and Kenosha Military Academy. These academies require students to take classes based on which one is joined. It is very good for students who already have an idea on what they want to major in for college, as it provides classes that cater to certain majors. This gives students a head start on their future college classes.
I enjoyed the resources available to me as a student. I had access to good computer labs, take home lap tops, quality text books, clean classrooms, good gym equipment, enthusiastic teachers, good sports programs, a beautiful auditorium and access to college level courses if I so desired. The school lunches were somewhat poor.
Indian Trail High School and Academy is quite possibly the most welcoming, spirit-filled experience one could ever endure. Throughout my 3 years here thus far, I couldn't have wished for more opportunity when it comes to course rigor, extracurricular activities, and genuine teachers. I am beyond thankful for the privelage I have of going to this school, and would definitely see those reasons towards justification as to why Indian Trail is such an extraordinary school.
ITA bass some of the best teachers out there, but the overall community of the school is a bit lacking in vigorous academics.
Overall, I was able to take classes which allowed me to figure out what I wanted to do for a career. Indian Trail offers a variety of different opportunities as far as class choices and involvement in extracurriculars. However, one major thing I would like to see improved is the overall communication between administration staff and students around the school. There have been many times when I was not made aware of certain school events, and I feel as though that could be a potential area of improvement.
At my time at Indian Trail i have been able to grow in many different ways, not just academically, but also as a good person. It is stressed by the teachers and staff that character makes a person.
Indian Trail High School & Academy has been a generally good experience. Although I was never really involved in the schools activities or clubs, I was involved in the academy side of the school. The Academy provided a good environment for finding friends and like minded people. Even still the diversity in the school is vast. Providing a grand environment to develop your ideas and thoughts against those of others.
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Indian Trail has a very culturally diverse community. I would like to see more college prep though. The staff cares for the students and helps in as many ways as possible.
As a senior at Indian Trail High School, I have had a great experience from the beginning of my freshman year until now. I’ve met many great people and have tried to involve myself in many activities at the school. Overall, I think Indian Trail High School is a great School to attend and I’d recommend this school to anyone in the local district.
Indian Trail High School was a great school with a great music and sports program. We had one of the best music teachers in the county which was great. I was involved in music and sports all four years and it enhanced my learning opportunity. It was a new school so the facilities were in brand new condition and overall it made my high school experience great. I wish they would have made more resources available to marginalized communities in order to increase attendance to post-secondary institutions. I feel that not many resources (scholarships, grants etc.) were made available or advertised to students of color so if I could change something it would be more recognition for students of color, considering the fact that ITA had a great number of POC.
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