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My experience at Springs has prepared me not only for the rigorous course work expected at the top universities in the US, but also for the harsh reality that those in power will do all they can to protect themselves and those close to them at the expense of the rights of students and faculty members.
Indians Springs school is a very open community in many aspects: race sexuality, thought, etc. For many of the students attending Springs, It is a safe place for them. Along with this is the great learning environment that Springs offers its students.
Indian Springs has a great mixed culture of international students and day students, my only complaint would be the consistency of the food service but its ok.
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Indian Springs is unique in that it prepares students for college but also for society, and how to be independent yet collaborative partners of the world. It’s campus is over 350 acres with state of the art classrooms and an excellent array of teachers. Springs has the effect of an elite boarding school yet has the culture of an independent private high school.
I come from a very low educated schooling system and to have the opportunity to go to Springs is great. I am not wealthy and Indian Springs give me a chance to change my families economic class now that I have a better chance at college and a great job
Indian Springs is an upstanding school full of progressive thinking, rigorous acedemics, and active students.
Teachers need to hire substitutes. The academics are slightly challenging, but some classes should be more difficult.
I gotta say.... It's an awesome school!____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Both of my children attended Indian Springs School and have benefited from its unique culture. Springs diversity is much greater when viewed through its international students. Students from across the globe come here and add so much to the experience of all students. Diversity at Springs goes much deeper than the color of one's skin, it encompasses different cultures, different values and together trying to work through issues of not just those encountered in a traditional day school setting, but issues of living with each other in a boarding environment. Respecting other people as unique individuals is the point of departure that opens up a path to understanding how we all need to work together to create a society that embraces differences, yet work together for the common good. Academically you will see Springs in the top 5 schools based on SAT scores in the country along with top 5 SSAT scores just to get in.
As a senior graduating Indian Springs, this school has offered me an excellent opportunity in making up missed time with earlier high school complications and reestablishing a love of learning within me. The teachers are excellent and always there to appropriately aid students and student affairs, and I don't think any of the other high schools I went to would have prepared me for adult life and college life as much as Springs did.
Great school! I’m in 8th grade. Boarding life is great so that’s good. They have a lake so it’s fun to go swimming.
Indian Springs has changed my life. I never thought I could go here because of the cost, but the financial aid is very generous and more students receive aid than you would expect. I would encourage any student who wants to be challenged intellectually to look into this school, because it will do that and more. There is some quote etched into a bench that I walk by every day about how education is “the lighting of a fire:” if that’s true, Springs is burning very, very bright.
Indian Springs School is an open place for diversity of ideas. The sheer amount of diversity that the campus alone is enough to make you want to come. The biggest things are the opportunities and preparation for college. I myself am a freshman, but I have two cousins that went to the school. One went to Yale, and the other went to Northwestern. They told me that Indian Springs, in terms of college preparation was the best it gets.
If you're a gifted student looking for a unique and challenging educational experience, then Springs is for you. The curriculum is rigorous and the teachers have high expectations.

The class offerings are my favorite part about Springs. They have their required classes (APUSH, AP Euro, AP Lang, etc.) but they also offer courses that you just can't find at other schools. In my junior year, I took Anatomy and Physiology I and II, World War II, Civil War, African American Lit, Abstraction, etc. Teachers are passionate and will do whatever they can to help students succeed. If you're struggling in any classes, you can go to your teachers during X block, after school, to ask questions and get extra help, which is an absolute lifesaver. Springs is an international boarding school, so you get to work alongside students from all over the globe, with very different perspectives from your own. The campus is awesome. During free periods, you can go out and canoe on the lake with your friends.
I have attended since freshmen year and I love it. The campus is great- both outdoors and indoors combined. The diversity is also wonderful.
I loved the freedom given to students to spend their time as they see fit. I never felt mistreated or as if I didn't have enough time to complete assignments given to me. I felt as if my teachers genuinely cared about me and I established bonds with the, and my classmates.
Student clubs are also student funded and student lead, so they are awesome.
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Little technology utilized, but great teachers overall.
Because we have a student disciplinary panel, we are self accountable.
The kitchen staff are amazing, and they always made the best food on weekends for the boarders.
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