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While I was at ISMS, they had a big anti-bullying campaign, but bullying was still prominent. There were a few teachers I knew who actually did something about bullying, but it was still a problem. The anti-bullying campaign was like putting a band-aid on a broken arm. Yes, something was done, but no, it did not solve the problem.

I personally felt like the school was safe, but the bus I rode did not feel safe. My female friends who rode the bus with me felt that way too. I got off at the last stop after school with one girl and two boys on an average day. The bus driver would do that check to make sure everyone actually got off, and then would slowly drive behind the girl. Once she turned down her street, he would slowly drive behind me, so I would pass my house on purpose because I was afraid of what would happen if he knew exactly where I lived. My mother and the girl's mother made calls and wrote letters of complaint because of the man's behavior and since we were 30 minutes to an hour late home each day. Despite all of that, I still had the same bus driver til the end of eighth grade.
There are a variety of extracurricular activities at Indian Springs Middle School. There are many sports for the athletic people, and the coaches are pretty competitive. The band and choir students have passion and commitment for music. Band is a very popular club along with choir, track, cross country and football. The National Junior Honor Society during my time at ISMS did not require a lot of commitment.
My experience at Indian Springs Middle School is rememberable, but not for the reasons it should be. During middle school, I started riding the bus to and from school. By riding the bus, I learned almost all the curse words in the English language and that the bus driver was most likely a pervert. 7th grade was amazing. Mr. Martin was my science teacher, and I was actually excited to go to his class every day. His classroom was a work of art. I also made many new friends in choir and athletics. In 8th grade, some of the people that I had become friends with in 7th grade started cutting themselves and they were depressed. I tried helping them defeat their depression, but it became clear to me that nothing I did worked. The causes of their depression were in their home lives, and I could change their home lives. In all honesty, I would not choose to repeat my middle school years because I don't believe I would be able to change much in a positive way.
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The majority of the teachers at Indian Springs Middle School are good at teaching, communicate well with their students, and are knowledgable in the subject that they teach. The main problem that I had with my teachers overall was the the feeling that I was just a name in the gradebook. I didn't always feel like I was an actual person to them. I believe no matter where you go, there will be at least one bad apple, and there were bad apple teachers at Indian Springs Middle School. The majority of those bad teachers were coaches who clearly cared more about the sport they coached than the subject they taught. Especially the football coach I had for Algerbra I. He was the worst teacher I ever had. He did not care about his students unless they were a football player or made all high A's.
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