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Terrible. Terrible. Terrible. Terrible. Terrible. Terrible. Terrible. Terrible. Terrible. Terrible. Terrible. Terrible. Terrible. Terrible. Terrible.
Two teachers out of my 7 classes actually kept their students under control and taught them anything. None of the PE teachers made their kids do anything, I'm almost positive 90% of the students failed. This school didn't create a safe learning environment whatsoever as I was at this school for 30 days and got harassed in some form or another half of the days. The only reason this school has good reviews is because everybody gets to do almost whatever they want.
My overall experience at I Dian Springs high school was very satisfactory. I got the chance to meet some of the best mentors of my life. I met a wonderful teacher named mrs.Larios that made me rethink the way I was doing things. I was never a good student in math but I would never try because the end result wasn’t always the same failure. However she made me realize that wasn’t the way I should see things. She took time to tutor me during her prep period because she believed I could achieve if I tried, she never gave up on me even when I had given up on myself. She’s a great teacher and she made my overall experience great.
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Indian Springs High School is a school everyone would enjoy. This high school is very supportive and teachers are a good role model to their students. The college readiness at this school is over achieving. Teachers/staff encourage students to always do good in school. Teachers care a lot about the future of their students like their college. Teachers prepare their students for college by having college classes and talking to them more about what college will be about and topics they will need to know in order to be successful in college. Staff helps students prepare for their classes on a daily bases as well. They offer many different types of tutoring after school. These teachers/staff help students maintain their grades at a good academic level.
The change I want at my school is the students to have more school spirit. Most of the students on campus are not participating football games, spirit week or during rally’s. I want more people and including myself to encourage others life is too short to keep sitting by because time is short. Also, want our cafeteria food to be better. The food dosen’t taste that great as well.
I enjoy indian springs high because the ap courses are rigorous and offer a real college environment and prepare me better to be in track for a 4 year university. The administration is strict and it has its pros and cons but they prepare you to be successful.
I loved how the teachers always tried their best to make sure us students learn something instead of letting everyone waste our time.
Overall can't judge it too much being relatively new, but their health academy needs a lot of improvement, still finding a handful of teachers, and they need to add auto shop. Teachers are pretty young so they help students feel a little more relatable. The campus is still in good condition being new. The janitors seem to be the friendliest staff on campus. Traffic can be a bit hectic but it's tolerable.
This school is very excellent, i've been attending this school for four years now and I have not ever had a problem with teachers or staff or the campus, lots of oppurtunities for students, great statesmanship, electives, and it's a very diverse schoom .
I love the togetherness of the student body. Everyone is very close and especially with the teachers. The advantages of AP courses is a plus. However, we do need to have a few more diverse language classes on campus.
I enjoy the campus life at this school. The asb put up a lot of activities to do. Also, the administration and staff are very kind and helpful whenever needed. Another thing is our sports are improving tremendously. Our guy's soccer team has gone far as well as volleyball and some other sports. On the other hand, I would like to see more clubs and electives be available at this school. Also, for the safety to of the students to be improved. A third thing woukd be to change the cafeteria food for healthier meals and more variety of choices.
I have attended Indian Springs high school since freshmen year and I can say I am proud to be apart of it. Ever since I started I have had all of my teachers care for me and guide me through the year. The clubs held here are great for students looking into new things like photography and dancing. The sports offered here are a great way to build skills, and making friends. My overall experience with my classmates and staff has been great. I was able to build relationships with my classmates and teachers and it has guided me through my years.
I love the school personally , I've been in and around it for over 3 years and I would love to see it grow more, the only things I would want to change is more student involvement with school activities.
Very diverse school but would like to see more school spirit. Also there are great teachers on campus who make learning fun.
My Experience at Indian Springs high school has been an amazing impact . It benefits many student individuals each and every day to get to their main goal which is of course graduating . One of my favorite things that indian springs has is the spirit growth throughtout the years because although it is a brand new school it’s school spirit has been outstanding lately . One thing i would change though is teachers not leaving so much homework. However i would defenitely recommend Indian Springs High School to many student individuals !
ISHS is an alright school located in San Bernardino and its getting a brand new theatre. The students have basic knowledge and lots of tardies and absents. I hate how we can't go out to eat during lunch but we still go anyways. security guards are alright but can't do nothing. Cafeteria food is nasty and top ramen noodles would taste better. Couple fights here and there but not that much has been going on lately.
The reason why I like Indian springs high school is because this is the only/first high school to ever have a manufacturing class in the United States. This class allows most students that plan to become some sort of engineers such as mechanical, industrial, aerospace etc... can experience on whats it like to be an engineer early on throughout 9-12 grade. Another reason why I like this school is that its the newest high school in my district, clean and offers students to pick from many sports and clubs that are offered. The thing that this school needs to work on is to have most students have school spirit in home and away games, but this can easily be fixed by hiring an excellent experience ASB instructor for this school.
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My school is a nice average campus. However, The teachers are amazing people who establish friendly connections with students. They are kind individuals who respect us. They also are very helpful in any process
It has a safe environment now. I like the teacher to student interactions as the school offers various programs and extracurricular activities.
My experience at Indian Springs High School was a average experience. I liked that the faculty was very polite but the students are a bt excessive and aren’t appropriate.
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